4 reasons why Mondays can be fun too

Are you one of those people who never looks forward to Monday? Do you always complain on Monday about the fact it is Monday again with your colleagues? So yes, you hate Mondays and yes, you probably have to go back to your work life again. But is Monday really that bad? Or is it the story we would ourselves? Why would you only think negative thoughts on Monday and let it ruin your day, every single week? I give you 4 reasons why Mondays can be fun too. Because it is not Monday’s fault that you are having a miserable day!

Mondays can be fun too

A fresh start
Monday is a fresh start. We all love a fresh start. We love the starts of the new year, we love new months so we can set goals. But Monday is no different. Monday is the start of a new week! It is like a reset button. I always have this feeling to clean everything on Monday morning so I can start fresh and clean and it feels so good. You can set new goals for the whole week or just for the day. If you made any mistakes last week, you can learn from it and do better this week.

Stand out
On Mondays, you can stand out and be different. Most of us has this additude that Mondays are the worst and most people complain a lot on this day. Be different! Work hard and stop complaining! Laugh about your colleagues who are complaining about Mondays! But do NOT join them. If you work for a boss, he or she will notice it that you are the only one who isn’t complaining and he/she will be more positive about your performance/work attitude.

On Monday you are well rested because of the weekend. You recharged yourself with friends/family and other fun things. So now you have more energy during the day. Make a to-do list for your whole week, but do the most important things on Monday. You have the energy for it now and you don’t have to do it later that week and the rest of the week will be so easy for you. And you will feel so good when you cross those things off your to-do lists.

It is just a mindset
Are Mondays really that different from any other random day? No! It is just a mindset. Not sure who started this ‘I hate Mondays’ trend but suddenly we all are doing it. But if you can think that Mondays are terrible every single week, you can also think that Mondays are great. If you think that Mondays are pretty cool and they are a fresh start, you will feel so much better on Mondays. If you constantly complain, you will feel terrible and have less energy and your life becomes boring and negative. But the opposite can also happen. If you think positive, you will feel better and have more energy and life becomes better and better. It is all about the mindset. If you can’t change something, change your mindset or ignore it.

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