100 Fun things to do this summer

Fun things to do this summer

Summer is here and for a lot of people that means more free time. Some people go on a vacation while others just stay home and enjoy their break from everything. But what if you get bored? Or what if you have no idea what to do this summer? Don’t worry, I created a list of fun things you can do this summer! This list contains things that you can do completely free while other things might cost money. This list also contains things you can do with kids or just with other grown-ups. This list is for everyone

100 Fun things to do this summer

  1. Go to the beach. Spending time on the beach is always fun. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is. It is always nice to sit down on the beach and just relax.
  2. Go to an Amusement park. Find one close to your home or travel far for one. Amusement parks are great.
  3. Pick fruit on a farm. There is a farm that allows picking your own strawberries or other kinds of fruit. This is a lot of fun and most of the time these strawberries are way cheaper than at the supermarket.
  4. Go to the library and pick out some books. Reading is great and now you have a lot of time to read again. 
  5. Organize a party. Invite your neighbors, friends, or family.  Let everyone bring some food or drinks and enjoy! 
  6. Make a vision board. If you have goals, making a vision board is great to remind yourself of your goals every single day. They also say that vision boards can help you to achieve those goals faster.
  7. Start stretching. Maybe you have an office job and you are not as flexible as you once were. It is time to start stretching again. Take a few minutes every morning and/or evening and stretch those muscles.
  8. Make new smoothies, cocktails, or mocktails. It is time to experiment with new flavors. Maybe you discover a new favorite one.
  9. Go ice skating. Is it too hot? Maybe you can find a place where you can go ice skating. This way you can cool down a little bit.
  10. Photoshoot. Does your Instagram need new photos? Find inspiration on Pinterest and hold a photo shoot with yourself or with friends.
  11. Ride a Ferris wheel. A very calming and relaxing activity with a great view.
  12. Start hula hooping. This is not just for kids, it is a full workout that you can easily do while you are watching tv.
  13. Play board games. When it is too hot you want to do something relaxing. Board games are pretty relaxing if you are okay with losing. Make some snacks and drinks too.
  14. Redecorate your room/house. And it does not have to be expensive. Go to a local thrift store and maybe you find something amazing.
  15. Buy a Hammock and use it. The perfect reading spot
  16. Try a new hobby. You’ve always wanted to find out if knitting is for you or if drawing is something you like to do. This is the time to try new things.
  17. Play geocaching. This is something you can do with kids but it is also for adults. Use the website to locate those geocaches. You can play it for free, but there is also a paid version.
  18. Clean up your social media. Unfollow those accounts, block those bots, and start creating a new cool feed. 
  19. Grow your own organic garden. If you have a garden, you can grow your own food.
  20. Make a bullet journal or make a summer book filled with your favorite memories of this summer.
  21. Plan a fancy picnic. Call your friend, make some food, snacks, and drinks, and just relax at the park.
  22. Try new recipes. Look on Pinterest for inspiration and try something.
  23. Take a class. Maybe you can find a fun workshop you can do this summer. Maybe a cooking class or photography class.
  24. Start a 30-day challenge. You can find a lot of 30-day challenges on the internet. But you can find workout-related challenges or maybe do a meditation challenge for 30 days.
  25. Hot air balloon ride. This gives you amazing views of the city.
  26. Start your own blog, Tiktok, Instagram, or Youtube account. Document your summer, share your passions, or just have fun.
  27. Clean out your closet. Donate things you are not going to wear again this summer/winter. Maybe you can make someone else happy.
  28. Declutter your whole room/house. Go through your stuff and donate/sell things you don’t use anymore.
  29. Camping in your garden. Maybe it is just too hot to sleep inside or maybe you just want to do it for fun. Set up a tent and just sleep outside.
  30. Go to a sports game. Most sports have a summer break, but maybe you can find something fun and something different.
  31. Learn something new. Learn a new language, or learn how to play an instrument. This is the perfect time to learn something new because you have more free time.
  32. Make Tie-dye shirts. Buy textile paint and go crazy with it. You can find a lot of tutorials on Youtube.
  33. Go to the cinema. Maybe you have the whole thing to yourself because other people want to enjoy the beautiful weather.
  34. Do breathing exercises. If you realize that you are feeling stressed, maybe it is time to do a few breathing exercises. This calms you down and you will feel so much more relaxed.
  35. Go for a bike ride and just go somewhere fun. it is fun to take your bike out on a beautiful summer day, bring some food and drinks and your phone in case you get lost and go somewhere.
  36. Water fight. Buy water guns and just have fun.
  37. Outdoor cinema. During the summer they create drive-in cinemas, which is a whole other experience. 
  38. A little trip to a different city. Maybe you want to go to a city you’ve never been to and explore it.
  39. Make a summer playlist and use it when you have to clean or when you have to go back to work again.
  40. Do a digital detox. Maybe you realize you have been spending a lot of time online and you want to reduce that time. The average person spends 5 hours on their phone every single day. See how you feel without using your phone that often.
  41. Go to the museum. It is also a lot cooler inside, so it is the perfect thing to do on a hot but also rainy day.
  42. Go to a music festival. There are free ones too.
  43. Go Thrift shopping. Instead of buying new clothes online or at a store, you can go to a thrift store and find new cool items. Plus, it is very unlikely that someone else is wearing the exact same outfit. When you go to a normal store, you definitely will find someone who is wearing the same items as you.
  44. Go Waterskiing, Maybe you like to spend time on the water. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen
  45. Make a road trip with friends and don’t make any plans.
  46. Start running. Maybe you want to live healthier again, then running is an option. You can train for 5k, 10K or maybe the marathon.
  47. Visit the fair and try to win something. That little teddy bear looks cute.
  48. Bonfire. The perfect ending to a beautiful sunny day. Make sure it is safe and don’t do this in the woods. You don’t want to set the whole area on fire.
  49. Catch up with a friend. Call someone who you haven’t seen in a very long time.
  50. Go wine tasting. Or beer if you prefer that.
  51. Volunteer somewhere. You meet new people and you do something for others. It will feel amazing.
  52. Play golf. It is never too late to learn something new
  53. Go Kayaking. Another great activity you can do on the water.
  54. Get a tattoo or maybe a fake one. 
  55. Step out of your comfort zone. It is time to grow as a person.
  56. Go to a farmer’s market. You buy locally and it is cheaper.
  57. City canal cruise. See the city from the water. 
  58. Watch the sunset or sunrise. Depending if you are a morning or an evening person.
  59. Make a birdhouse. This is a fun activity you can do with kids. Let them paint them the birdhouse.
  60. Ride a rollercoaster. Overcome your fears.
  61. Buy new books and start reading. It is always fun to read books.
  62. Learn how to play chess. This is definitely on my to-do list
  63. Self-care Sunday or any other day. Buy facemasks, and nail polish, and just enjoy taking care of yourself.
  64. Make your own jewelry. And start selling them online
  65. Miniature golfing. When real golfing is not for you.
  66. Redecorate the garden. Create the garden of your dreams.
  67. Go swimming. It is time to cool down a little.
  68. Movie night. Call your friends, order pizzas and other snacks, and enjoy.
  69. Paddleboarding. This is really trendy right now.
  70. Start cultivating new good habits. Maybe you are not completely happy with yourself and your life and you want to implement new healthy habits for yourself. This is the right moment.
  71. Find a new job. Maybe you realize that this job isn’t for you and you want to do something else instead.
  72. Write a book. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book. This is the time!
  73. Walk. Just walk around the neighborhood or walk to get coffee or an ice cream. 
  74. Make new friends. There are a lot of apps that you can use to make new friends these days.
  75. Try a new workout. Try Zumba, yoga, or just a different fitness workout.
  76. Go to a concert. See your favorite artists live.
  77. Take yourself out on a date. Go eat somewhere alone.
  78. Go Zip-lining. I love this so much. I want to do this again soon.
  79. Make your own ice cream. Freeze bananas and use them to make ice cream, add some other fruit or cacao to make your favorite flavor of ice cream.
  80. Puzzle. Find a 1000-piece puzzle and enjoy the process. 
  81. Bake healthy snacks. Find healthy recipes on Pinterest.
  82. Star gazing. If you can’t sleep or you have no plans for the next day, sit outside and look at the stars.
  83. Go Bowling. The perfect activity for when it rains.
  84. Organize a high tea, just like the English people do. Super fancy.
  85. Visit an escape room. Also another fun activity for a rainy day.
  86. Visit a water park. Just have fun!
  87. Give yourself a makeover. Maybe you want to try to experiment with make-out and clothing styles.
  88. Buy plants for your home and garden. It is time to bring nature to your home
  89. Start creating your dream life. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is NOW.
  90. Practice mindfulness and meditate. This is a great way to relax and bring your attention back to the present moment. It is great for overthinkers.
  91. Visit an event. Maybe there is a bookmarklet or something else you really want to do.
  92. Lasergaming. Extremely fun to do.
  93. Write your own poems. Discover a new side of yourself.
  94. Make your own Ice tea with lemon and mint. Very refreshing
  95. Make your own mini library. This way other people can read the books you read, and they can leave another book behind.
  96. Spend time in nature. Spending time in nature is amazing. It is so relaxing and beautiful.
  97. Learn how to dance. Learn how to salsa or street dance and take classes.
  98. Spa day. You can do this alone or with a friend
  99. Book a last-minute vacation. Book a vacation with a lot of discounts.
  100. Take a power nap. The best way to recharge yourself fast



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