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About the blogger

I (Bettie) am a twenty-something year old Blogger and Influencer from the Netherlands. Writing has always been my passion and while I am also working on writing books, I also write here on my blog. I love to give advice to other people through writing or through email contact.

About the blog

The Wildflower Hippie is a very diverse lifestyle blog. Every day there will be a new blogpost about movies, books, lifestyle, advice and reccommendations. As long it is positive. When you leave this blog, you will feel happier and more positive. With this blog I want to inspire other people to live their dream life.



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 19.000 + Followers
Pinterest: 5000+ Followers
Twitter: 1.000+ Followers
Facebook page: 100+ followers

Services offered

Advertising on blog or on my Instagram account (feed and stories)
Freelancer writer (Dutch and English)
Personal lifecoaching through e-mail


Collaboration fee

Single post: 125 euro
3 posts: 300 euro
Instastories single post: 20 euro
Instastories 5+ stories: 50 euro


Starting price: 50 euro
For each 1.000 unique visitors (per month) and extra 10 euro
(example: 4000 visitors: 50 + 4*10 = 90 euro’s

Current price: 50 euro



Social media: @thewildflowerhippie (and @hippywildflower on Twitter)