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You | Seizoen 1

Title: You
Actors: Penn Badgley, Ambyr Childers, Elizabeth Lail,
Creators: Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble
Genre: Romance, Crime, Drama

About You

Based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel of the same name, You is all about Joe, he works in a bookstore and one day a beautiful woman walks into his bookstore and asks him a question. He gets her name (Guinevere Beck, Becky) and after work, he starts googling her. And he finds out who Becky’s friends are, where she lives and that she wants to be a writer. After finding out where she lives, Joe starts stalking her. He follows Becky everywhere. One day at the underground (metro), Becky is so drunk that she falls on the tracks. But because Joe is stalking her, he is there too and helps her and saves her life. This is where their relationship begins. But there are people standing in the way of their relationship and Joe wants to get rid of them. Literally.



Holy moly guacamoly. This was so interesting and freaky at the same time. He is really good at stalking, so you know that he has done this before. But it is also scary because I know that this does not just happen in movies or series. This happens in real life too. With the internet and social media, it is so easy to find people and finding out what they like. That is one of the reasons I don’t share everything. But there is probably a lot of information about me you can find on the internet.
Joe is really a sick person. He looks perfectly normal on the outside, but when someone is standing in his way of what he wants he gets rid of them. I also loved peach, because she was also very smart and sick in her own way. She was also obsessed with Becky, just like Joe. Joe and Peach were basically perfect for each other. And you learn a lot about Joe and why he behaves this way. I mean, there is always a reason why someone behaves likes this.

Of course, there will be another season. Hopefully, it will come out soon, because I have so many questions. The cliffhanger was just shocking and I really want to know what happened with Joe and Candace (His ex-girlfriend). And will the police

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