Why you should care less and achieve more

Why you should care less and achieve more

Are you one of those people who is constantly trying hard? You care what about other people might say or think and you really want people to like you. Or maybe you know someone who is trying too hard manifesting money. In this blog post, you will learn why you should care less and achieve more

Are you not manifesting?

Is there something you really want? But you are not getting it? You have tried everything to manifest it into your life. You have tried the two cup method, visualizing, 55×5 method and more. But it does not manifest into your life. It makes you also feel sad and desperate because you see everyone else manifesting their dreams and you are not.

You think about your goals 24/7 and you are really trying hard to feel good all the time. Which makes you even more desperate because you don’t feel positive every day. Maybe it is time to start caring less and achieve more.

Why you should care less and achieve more

So how can you start caring less and achieve more? Stop caring about what other people might think. Do everything for yourself. Do it because you really like to do it. Those people are not even looking at you. Most of the people are busy with themselves.

For example, there are people who really want to be successful on Instagram and they look at other people on Insta and they see that they have beautiful photos, a lot of likes and followers. And you also want that. But when you post a new photo and you get 50 likes instead of the 1000 likes you want, you get upset and you start trying harder and harder. You will create more and more resistance because you are so focused on your numbers.
When you look at the principles of the Law of Attraction, you will see that there should be no resistance. But when you are really trying hard, there is also a lot of resistance. Let it all go that is bothering you.

Another good example is that people are trying to feel good all the time. They think that you have to feel positive 100% of the time to manifest things into your life. They don’t accept negative emotions. But it is better to accept those emotions and expressing them. It is more important to be real. It is not good to suppress your emotions. Nobody is happy and positive 24/7. People who are striving to be happy all of the time are really not happy. I know this because that was me a couple of years ago. I thought I had to be happy all day long and I was faking a smile. But my anxiety got even worse. We have to embrace the negative emotions┬ábecause people who accept negative emotions are the happiest people. Why? Because there is no resistance!

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