Why I started blogging

why I started blogging

You are currently reading my blog and maybe you do this daily. But why did I start a blog? And what are my blog goals?

When I was 16 years old

I think I was 16 years old when I started a blog for the first time. It was written in Dutch and it was just a free Blogger blog. Back in the day blogging for money did not exist yet. So I was not doing it for the money. At first, I did it because I was bored and I reviewed beauty products and shared my outfits. Can you believe it? Funny how people can change, I am more a lifestyle blogger now.
And I have to be honest: I stopped blogging a couple of times. I did not know whether I should blog in my own language or English. Finally, in 2017 I made the decision to blog in English. I would reach more people, reach more like-minded people and I could improve my English. Especially reaching more like-minded people was the reason why I started blogging in English. Beauty and Fashion is huge, so in every country/language you find people with the same interests. But I don’t blog (a lot) about those topics. I also wanted to write about getting happier, burn-outs and law of attraction.
And here in the Netherlands, I know only a handfull of people who believe in Law of Attraction. But I saw on Youtube and other blogs that people from all around the world were interested in this and to reach them, I had to write in a different language.

So my interests has changed over the couple of years and I took an English minor to improve my language and learned everything about the different cultures of the world. But besides the happy stuff about the law of attraction, I wanted to blog about things that makes me happy. I love watching movies, reading books and so many other things. But one thing is sure: I never write about the things that are sad. For example, I wanted to write about my burn-out and instead of talking about how bad it was, I decided to write about why I am grateful that I got a burn-out.


My Goals right now

Yes, my blogging goals have also changed over these years. I still do it because I love it, but I am working on to make a full income of my blog. That means I have to upload more blogposts, trying to improve my blog every single day and make sure that people can find my blog.
I want to start a new serie where other people can tell their positive, motivational stories on my blog. So if you are reading this and you want to share your story, send me an email (contact@thewildflowerhippie.com)  . I also want to take better pictures for my blog and I am currently working on that. I also want to use more own pictures instead of using stockphotos.

I want that people come to my blog and that they feel better after reading, that they feel inspired to work on their dreams and that you don’t forget to do fun things every day. Because that is what life is about! Work on your dreams and have fun! Life is too short to be angry and to be unsatisfied.

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