Why I am glad Eurovision is over
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Why I am glad that Eurovision is over

Eurovision song contest 2019 is officially over. And I can’t believe it that my country (The Netherlands) actually won it. I am so proud of Duncan Laurence and the whole team. They did it! And it so awesome to finally win Eurovision after 44!! years. So this was actually the first time in my entire life that we won. 

I watched the whole show with my mom and seriously the voting was so nerve wrecking. Even my mom couldn’t handle it anymore. And I had to walk away because my heart was beating so fast. Some countries (Italy and Norway) got so many points from the televoting that I wasn’t so sure anymore about our song. But when they said that Sweden only received 93 points, I was so relieved. I was waiting my whole life for this moment And don’t get me wrong. There were a few amazing songs/acts this year. Italy, Switzerlands, Sweden and Spain were also my favourites. But I had to wait 26 years for this moment. I really wanted to see my country win Eurovision.


Why I am glad Eurovision is over

But now you are probably still wondering why I am also happy that Eurovision 2019 is over. First of all, voting is very stressful. Second, it was just not good for my overall health. I didn’t get much sleep last week. And you all know that I recently started this happiness project.  And no screens in the evening was one of the things I wanted to change, but I had to watch Eurovision. It is my favourite tradition every single year. But after watching the grand final, I couldn’t fall asleep for hours and maybe it was because of the adrenalin. Honestly, I think it was because of the fact I was watching tv from 8:30 pm till 1:30 am non-stop. I was feeling tired, but I just couldn’t fall asleep. Every time I watch something on tv, Netflix or Youtube in the evening, I notice how hard it is for me to fall asleep.

Now the whole circus is over, I can spend my evenings without screens and fall asleep a lot easier.

Did you watch Eurovision?

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