Where do I buy my books?

where do I buy my books

I love books and I’ve been reading a lot lately. I am detoxing from social media and the internet. And a result I have so much more time to read.
I don’t how it is in your country, but in mine (The Netherlands) we have a ‘book law’. Which means that a book has the same prize everywhere. Of course, I thought that this was a good thing because the writer will actually earn something. But they only earn 2 euro per book and a book costs around 20-25 euro’s here in the Netherlands. Yes, books are that expensive here. And since every store got the same prizes, I found different ways to buy cheaper books.  Today I am telling you where do I buy my books.

Where do I buy my books?

I have a lot of secondhand books. The thrift store always makes sure that the books are still in good condition. And they are a lot cheaper. Here is my favourite thrift store, books are sold for 30 cents to 2 euro each. Depends on how big the book is. So that means I can buy at least 10 books instead of one new book.

Book events
We also have book events here in the Netherlands where I go to every single year. Most of the time I have to travel for a couple of hours but it is all worth it. They sell new ones, but also a lot of cheaper ones. And the good part: they all look as new. Prizes are from 2 euro. And I like that a lot of book lovers are at the same place at the same time. And there is always someone who recommends a book or just talks about a certain book.

Book Depository
I read a lot of English books and of course I can found them at secondhand stores and book events, but I want more choice. That is why I go to Book Depository (no spon). It is a pretty famous online bookstore and it is also pretty cheap. They ship your books worldwide for free. Yup, that is right. You only pay for the books you buy.

Where do you buy your books?

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