What to do on valentinesday when you are single

what to do on valentines day when you are single

It is valentines day tomorrow and that is a beautiful day for the couples, but just another ordinary day for us, single people. While everyone is having a romantic dinner, you are eating a pizza all by yourself. But this blogpost is for every single person out there: valentines day can be fun too for single pringles. I show some tips you what to do on valentines day when you are single.

1. Organise a single party.

I bet that you are not the only single person in the entire world. Maybe you have also friends who are single. It is a bit late, but organise a small party only for single people. Order a lot of food, Netflix movies and you will have a great time. If you hate watching romantic movies on valentines day, because they remind you that you are still single. There are enough action/thriller movies on Netflix you can watch.

2. Spoil yourself.

It is a tradition that you buy something nice for your valentine. But when you are single, you don’t have to buy gifts. So why not spending money on something really nice for yourself. Buy that book, or that cute bra you’ve always wanted. It is time to spoil yourself with something nice.

3. Have a spa day/night

Lock yourself up in your bathroom. Not everyone has the luxury of having a bath in the bathroom, so go take a bath when you have one. Use Lush products (my favorites), but every other brand is fine too. Lay down and relax your body and mind. Extra tip: Use a chair for your laptop, so you can watch netflix while taking a bath. Grab a glass wine and just chill.
After sitting in the bath for half an hour or longer, it is time to come out. But that does not mean spa night is over. Use a body butter to take care of your beautiful skin. Especially now when it is winter, that always makes my skin a bit dry. A while ago I wrote about my favorite body butter from the Body shop, which you can read here .

You can also use a facemask for extra relaxation and paint your nails. Wear your favorite clothes today and you feel already better.

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  1. I’m not single but I am totally going to use these ideas to celebrate myself on another day! I always love a good spa night.

  2. Aw these are all great ideas. Too many people spend V Day feeling sad because they’re single. These are some fun alternatives.

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