what is geocaching

What is Geocaching?

Maybe you have read one of my latest blog post with 200 things to do during your summer break. And one of those 200 things was Geocaching and maybe you are wondering what this is. And that is why I decided to make a blog post about it. Because what is geocaching exactly?

What is Geocaching?

Do you remember those birthday parties when everyone hides the birthday gifts and the birthday girl or boy had to find those gifts. That was one of my favourite moments on birthday parties. I liked to hide those presents and to find them if it was my birthday. There was something fun about hiding and someone else finds it. Geocaching is something like that too.

With Geocaching, one person is hiding something somewhere (including a piece a paper) and if you use your gps and coordinates, you can find it. On the official site of Geocaching you have to make an account first but then you can start geocaching. Click on ‘Play’ and on ‘view map’. You will see a map of the whole world and you can see that there are a lot of geocaches.

So basically you are looking for something big or small with a piece of paper inside it. The idea is that you write your username/name on that piece of paper if you found the log. And then you put it back, so that someone else can find it too. And best news is that it is for adults too and it is free.

Things you need:
– Geoaching app
– GPS (coordinates)
– Pencil (to write your name)

Different kinds of geocaches

On the map you can see different kind of colours and that is because there are different kind of geocaches. Some are multi-caches and some are single caches.

The green colours stands for the traditional geocaches. Most of the time they are little/big boxes you have to find. And if you are lucky it is a big one. In the bigger ones there are little presents inside. You can take a little present (sticker or something else) with you, but you can only change it for something else. 

The question mark is a mystery. This can mean that you have to solve a puzzle to get the right coordinates. This is already more challenging than the green ones. But I think this is something you could do with your best friend.

The orange ones are multi-caches. You have to look for more than one caches. You get the coordinates to the first one and inside this cache you probably will find a hint where you can find the next one. And in the last cache you will find a piece of paper so you can prove that you found it. (write your name down)

Degree of difficulty

And there is something else too. Because some are really easy to find, while others aren’t. This all depends on the cache. If you click on a cache, you can find more information about this cache. You will get the coordinates, but you can also see how hard it is to find it. You can find information about how big the cache is and how well hidden it is. Some of the caches I’ve found where hidden in a tree, while others were hidden in a lot of bushes. 

If you want to find more information about Geocaching. You their website for more information. On their homepage you can find a video with more information.

PS: it is free

Have you ever heard of Geocaching?

What is geocaching?

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