what does minimalism mean to me

What does minimalism mean to me?

These days you hear a lot of people talking about minimalism. You can find a lot of Youtube video of people who are decluttering their entire room or house. But what does minimalism mean? And what does minimalism mean to me?

What is minimalism?

But what is the definition of minimalism? It is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It is the opposite of being materialistic. Which means you only buy things you really need.

What does minimalism mean to me?

To some people, minimalism might mean that they have to get rid of literally everything. I find that a bit extreme. Because in my opinion minimalism doesn’t mean that you only own a couch and a bed. I think it means that you get rid of everything that doesn’t make you happy. 

For example, if you like to read just like me, you probably have a lot of books. But they do make me happy. I love to read every single day. And of course, I have the option to buy e-books only. But I just love to hold a real book. However, I do sell books that I don’t read or like anymore.

And minimalism means also that I don’t go shopping very often. I only buy things when I need them. For example, I only have one mascara, one shampoo etc. And when it is almost empty, I go to the store for a new one. 

From hoarder to minimalist

I haven’t been like this my whole life. Around the age of 16, I got my first real job in a store. It is/was a popular store, called Action, and everything is so cheap. And of course every week we sold something new stuff/products. Sometimes it was a new range of beauty products and sometimes it was just cute office supplies. And I just bought it. Now I am just complete the opposite. I still buy things but I think I am just more mindful about what I buy.

Overall I think everyone has their own opinion about what minimalism means. And I think that is great. Just because someone thinks you have to sell everything if you want to be a minimalist, doesn’t mean that this is true. 

Are you a minimalist? And what does minimalism mean to you?

What does minimalism mean to me?

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  • Sarah

    I agree with your view on this. Minimalism is about meeting your needs in a way that brings peace and happiness. And sometimes that means having a new book or something else. But it also means letting go of what you’re done with.

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