What I got for my birthday

Wat ik kreeg voor mijn verjaardag

It was my birthday yesterday and I got some cool birthday present and I wanted it to show you what I got for my birthday. Recently, I made a blog post with the things I wanted for my birthday. I also told that I prefer getting gift cards. I am pretty minimalistic and I already have everything I want. 

I did get gift cards for my birthday. Not showing it in this blog post because it is not interesting enough. But I got more birthday present!

What I got for my birthday

What I got for my birthday

My birthday presents had a theme this year. Can you guess what it was? It was a flamingo/pink theme.
First of all, I got (fake) flowers, which are great for me because I kill flowers and plants. (I am sorry) I also got flamingo lights and a reusable can. I love the can because it is so much better than using a plastic waterbottle. This is so much better for the climate!

What I got for my birthday

I love candles and my brother gave me these scented tea lights/candles. He even got them in my favourite scent: apple/cinnamon. The other ones are vanilla and peonies. Of course, I got candle holders too. 
And I also got small towels. When you are an adult, you get adult presents! Which is awesome because now I don’t have to buy them myself. 

The next few gifts are for in the bathroom: 3 bath bombs with flamingos, unicorns and in the shape of a heart.

But look at the two soap bars! They look so pretty! If you are interested in a review let me know in the comments!

What I got for my birthday

Last but not least: A storage basket for my bath bombs and soap bars. I love using pretty soap bars and bath bombs, so I have a lot of them. Most of them are from Lush, but now I can also try this brand. 

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