what to do when instagram is down
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Wat doen als Instagram niet werkt

This week Instagram has been acting weird again. On Wednesday Instagram was down for several hours. I wanted to post a new photo around 6 pm just like I always do, but I couldn’t. When I came back I still couldn’t post my new photo. And I saw on Twitter people saying that they had no idea what to do with their time now Insta was down. Maybe it was a joke, but maybe it was not. This gave me inspiration for what to do when Instagram is down?

What to do when Instagram is down (again)?

Read books
Reading is probably my number one favourite activity. I can spend hours reading books without touching my phone, especially on a rainy day.

Clean your room/house
Maybe this is a good time for you to start cleaning your whole room or house. It is something you have to do and since you have no distraction anymore, you will be done in an hour or so.

You can read books or maybe you can start writing your own story. You can write it on paper, in a word document or maybe even on Wattpad. The thing I like about Wattpad is that others can comment on your story and how you can improve your writing skills and your story.

If you are a student and you are wasting your time on your social media platforms, this is a great time to finish your homework and study for your upcoming tests. Promise me, you will not regret this. You will (probably) get a good grade too.

Make a DIY that you found last week on the internet. Or just simply take a piece of paper and start drawing. Use your imagination! It is good to be creative.

Watch movies
When Netflix is still working, you can watch a new Netflix movie or maybe you can call up your friends and ask them if they want to see a movie at the theatre.

You can also get some quality time with your friends or family. You know, having a real conversation instead of talking over the phone. It feels more real. No emoticons to express your feelings, but use your facial expressions. So much more powerful. And you can ask them what is on their minds.

Board games
Back in the day, I used to play a lot of board games. Maybe you still have one in your closet. There are so many board games, that there is always something you would like to play. Monopoly is my favourite one because there are so many editions of this game.

Spend time in nature
Or you just can spend your time in nature. Go for a long walk, which is also very good for your (mental) health. I love to go out for a long walk in nature because I always feel so much better when I come back from my walk. This is my number 1 medicine when I am feeling down, sad or just lethargic.

Do you want to get in shape, but you are always making excuses why you can’t? This is the right moment to start. You can start running outside in nature, go to the gym (and maybe make new friends) or you can work-out at home. There are tons of workout videos on Youtube. There is always some kind of work-out you will like. Do some yoga or a HIIT workout.

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