why I started blogging

Waarom ik begon met bloggen

I’ve been blogging for ages now and I wanted to share why I started blogging. Back then when I started my first blog, it wasn’t possible (yet) to earn money with it. So obviously, I had other reasons why I started blogging.

A little background story

When I was 16 years old I started blogging. I saw other girls starting a blog and I was like: ‘why not?’ So I gave it a try. I started blogging about the outfits I was wearing and talked about make-up and other beauty products.
And since that moment I was hooked.

Of course, a lot of things has changed in the past couple of years. I barely write articles about those topics anymore. And I blog a lot more about movies, books and lifestyle/mindset related things. That is a result of personal growth. When I started to grow and change as a person, my blog changed too.

Another thing that has changed too: the language. I am Dutch, so my first language is Dutch. But 1+ year ago I decided to start blogging on this blog and in a different language. The reason is that I already was reading English books and they don’t always translate those books in my own language.

The biggest reason why I start blogging

The biggest reason at that time was that I had this feeling that I wanted to reach more like-minded people. Here in the Netherlands I barely heard anyone talking about Law of Attraction and mindset. So I thought if I could write in a different language, I could reach more people and have a conversation about these topics with them.

It comes naturally

When I am in the mood of creating new blogs, I can produce a lot of content. When I start writing, I just can’t stop. It comes very naturally, just like breathing. That is probably also the reason why I also started writing stories on Wattpad.

I like when I am writing new blog posts, wattpad stories or just personal stuff,  I am in a completely different world. Well, at least it feels like that. I enter the flow state and everything is going smoothly. For me, blogging is basically the same as breathing. And I also like that I can write about anything I want. It is just an online diary, but I am sharing it with the rest of the world. And I always try to start a conversation or inform you about a movie/book that I like (or didn’t like). And with my blog posts about lifestyle/mindset I always try to add some value for you, so if you want to improve your life, you can use that blog post.

And I’ve tried Youtube too and I also liked making videos. And maybe in the future, I will make a video for youtube again, but I think I am better with the written word than speaking (in front of a camera). But maybe that’s also because I am an introvert. And last, but not least, I would like to say that the blog community is so cool. Everyone is so nice to each other. Even though English isn’t my first language, I am happy that everyone is still nice to me, even though I make a mistake every now and then.

If you have a blog, what was the reason to start your blog?

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The reason why I started blogging

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One Comment

  • Linda

    Hi there…

    I feel like breathing too when I write

    There are so many things I recognise here: the shift to writing in second language, the love from the blogging community, the breathing….

    I’ll move on to some of your other posts


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