Why the follow/unfollow game doesn't work anymore
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Waarom de follow/unfollow game niet meer werkt

Instagram was launched in 2010 and back then it was just about posting a photo. Today everyone seems obsessed about the number of followers. A couple of years ago this new trend started on Instagram and it is called the follow/unfollow game. Trust me, it is not a cool trend and I will tell you why the follow/unfollow game doesn’t work anymore.

Back in the day

The follow/unfollow game is pretty easy. You just follow a bunch of other Instagrammers and a few hours later you unfollow them again. No matter what. And of course, you hope that they followed you back. And it was really working at that time. You followed a bunch of new people, they followed you back and you unfollowed them again. You could easily get 200 new followers every single day. Some people got really big of this game.

Why the follow/unfollow game doesn’t work anymore

But these days this follow/unfollow won’t work for you anymore. In fact, it annoys the shit out of people. Can you imagine how annoying it is to see that someone decides to follow you 3 three times in just one day? It is so obvious that this person is doing it for the extra follower, not for the social aspect. I mean, Instagram is still a SOCIAL media platform. You have to interact with your followers. I mean, if you never really engage with other people, you will get less engagement. And maybe you still have 50K followers on Instagram, but when you only have 200 likes on your post it does not look very good. And you’re obviously doing something wrong. Maybe they follow you back because you followed them, but that does not mean that they really like your posts.

It is also pretty easy to find people who are following and unfollowing you with an app. You just download an unfollowers app and it tracks all of your unfollowers. Which makes it also easier for them to unfollow you too. Most people are using those apps these days right now because they are done with those stupid games.

So yes, you are wasting your time with this game, if you are still doing it. Don’t focus on how many followers you have, but just focus on the engagement you have with your followers. Follow only the accounts you really like, whether you just follow 100 people or 4000 accounts. That does not matter, but don’t follow anyone because you just want a follow back.

Do you have another reason why the follow/unfollow game doesn’t work anymore

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