Where do I see myself in one or five years

Waar zie ik mezelf in één of vijf jaar?

Recently I started this course called ‘Alignment is the new hustle‘ and one of the first questions was where I do myself in the future. And I could keep it to myself, but I thought it would be fun to share my dreams and goals with me. In this blog post I will be answering this question: Where do I see myself in one or five years?

Where do I see myself in one year?

So right now I am creating content for my blog/social media and for or with brands. I’ve been blogging since I was sixteen and blogging was something new and exciting. I started blogging in my own language first, but I immediately fell in love with writing and blogging. 

Creating online content

I love to create content online. I think I’ve always been very creative and so I feel comfortable doing this. And that is also one of the things I see myself doing in one year. I still want to create new things especially for my blog and YouTube channel. YouTube would definitely be something that is a side thing. I mean that is how it feels right now. I want to upload one video per week. But I definitely see myself writing new content for my blog. I always have a lot of inspiration and my mind is always thinking about my blog. Sometimes just before I go to bed, I get a lot of ideas. That is why I always bring a notebook wherever I go. Because I get new inspiration at the most random moments ever. 

Social media platforms

Besides my blog and YouTube channel, I will be creating more things for other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Yesterday I told you that I was going to change a few things on my blog but also on my social media. I started posting more often on my Instagram already. I post one inspiration quote or affirmation in the morning and in the evening I post something personal. I am putting a lot of more effort in creating my quotes/captions right now. And I love doing it. It gives me a lot of positive energy when I write inspirational quotes and captions. 

Focus on happiness

So it is definitely clear that I still want to be an online creator, but there are a lot of online creators these days. So let’s be more specific. I want to spread positive messages to make you feel happier. That is the reason why I post those quotes and affirmations in the morning. I will be sharing more realistic stuff instead of photoshopping every single photo.

But I also want to focus on positivity on my blog. There are a lot of haters, because it is so easy to hate anonymously. Instead of bringing other people down, I want to give them a spotlight. Share why some people inspire me to do certain things. 

And of course I will focus on mental health, self-care and mindset. During my burn-out/depression/anxiety I’ve learned a lot about these things and I want to help other with these ‘problems’.  Let them know that they aren’t only one who are dealing with this stuff and it is possible to feel better.

Personal life

But of course there is more in life than just working. In one year I would love to have my own dream appartment. I am not sure where this would be, but I still think I will be living in the north of the Netherlands. I see myself making more time for my friends and having more fun. 
I also see myself starting dating and being fit again in one year.

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

So I still see myself doing the exact same things as I see myself in just one year. I want to create content for the rest of my life. This is what I like and what I am good at. Not just for my blog, but also helping brands with their website/social media.

There are only two things I would like to do in five years. First of all, I want to write a book. Not sure if it is going to be an e-book you can buy here on my blog or an actual book. Maybe I will find a publisher. But I think this depends on what I am writing. If it is about mental health/blogging, it is going to be an e-book. If I will write a fiction book, I will try to find a publisher.

Second thing is that I would love to find my soulmate. I haven’t been in love for ages now and I am so ready to meet the one. No marriage or children plans in five years I think. But you never knows what will happen, right?

Where do you see yourself in one or five years?

Where do I see myself in one or five years

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