Is Vero the new Instagram?

is vero the new instagram

Last monday I woke up and I saw everyone was talking about Vero, on Instagram and on twitter. Apparently Vero is a new social media app. And ofcourse I had to try it, because is Vero the new Instagram?

What is Vero?

Vero is said to be the new Instagram, but without the ads and the algorithm. And they offering their photo-sharing app free for the first million users. If you are not one of the first million, you have to pay for this app. How much it will costs? I have no idea, I could not find it. But I’ve hear that it wouldn’t cost mora than a cup of coffee a year.


I really like Instagram, but somehow I was triggered by the fact that this new app was free for the first million users. I am one of them! Yay! And it has no adverts and your timeline is chronological. You can compare it with Instagram, but Vero is different. It is more like Facebook and Instagram in one. Ofcourse you can share your photos, but you can do a lot more with this app. You can also share links, music, movie/tv, places and books.
I really like that you can easily share your links to your latest blogpost, I think this is great for blogger.

Is Vero the new Instagram?

It is too early to say. Vero is only free for the first million who sign up, while Instagram is free for anyone. But Vero has no ads and no algoritm and I know a lot of people complain about these two things on Instagram. It has the ability to become really big, if it doesn’t cost too much for the other users.  I think that there are people who would love to pay money for no ads and algoritm, so who knows.
But we all know that Instagram and Facebook also started without the ads, so I am not 100% sure that Vero would stay ad-free.

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Do you have Vero?

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