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Tussen water en wind | Nora Roberts

Title: Risky business
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Silhouette
Pages: 219
Date: September 1986
Genre: Mystery and Romance
Rating: 3,5/5

About Risky Business

Ten years ago Liz Palmer got pregnant and moved to Cozumel. And now she owns a dive shop and her parents are raising her daughter Faith in Houston. When she is giving another tour on the water to tourists, one of her customers discovers a dead body at the bottom of the sea. It is her colleague Jerry Sharpe and he got murdered. His twin brother Jason is coming over and he wants to find out who killed his brother and why. At first, he is using Liz to get his answers, but he finds out that she has nothing to do with it. Especially not after Liz is receiving threats from other men.

In the meantime, Jason tries to protect Liz because he thinks that those men will come back after her. And when they spend more time with each other, they get a lot closer. Even though Liz does not want to. Not after what happened with her ex-boyfriend, the father of Faith.


You had to see my face when I found out that this book was published in 1986! This book/story is older than I am. I was shocked. I mean, I knew that Nora Roberts wrote a lot of books, but not that she has been writing for over 35 years now. That is impressive!

In this book, someone killed Jerry Sharpe and I was kind of surprised that Liz and Jonas were not grieving. Liz was living with him for a couple of weeks. And even though, they did not know each other very well, she was pretty chill when they found Jerry. And Jonas was way too focused on finding out who killed him and trying to impress Liz.

Liz does not want another relationship after what happened with her ex, even though that is already ten years ago. But then Jason comes into her life and whether she is liking it or not, she gets feelings for him. But I have to admit that Jason was very pushy. He kisses her whenever he wants it. And I know that Liz had feelings for him too, but I think he was a little bit too pushy. But apparently, he thought that is what Liz needed at the moment.

Overall, I think it was a great balance between romance and mystery. It is a pretty short story (just 219 pages), but perfect for a rainy day or maybe a beach day.


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