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Title: Trinkets
Actors: Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira, Quintessa Swindell
Creators: Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer, Kirsten Smith
Date: June 2019
Episodes: 10
IMDB: 7.1/10

About Trinkets

Three girls (the rebel, the new one and the popular one) meet each other at a meeting for shoplifters. They all three got caught at shoplifting and now they have to go to the weekly meetings. They also go to the same school but they pretend that they don’t know each other. They have their own group of friends.

But they have more in common than they think. They can feel pretty lonely, even when they are with their friends. And they also struggle with their own problems and they are trying to help each other with that.

Trinkets is based on the book by Kirsten Smith that came out in 2014.



When I watched the trailer, I had the feeling that I had to watch this series. I had this feeling that this wouldn’t let me down and they didn’t. The three girls in this series are Moe, Tabitha and Elodie.

Moe looks like she is the rebel of these three girls. but when you get to know her you learn that she is actually nice. Especially to people who she likes. She likes Noah but she is too afraid to show everyone that they are dating so they are dating secretly. She is also hiding two other things from her mother.

Tabitha is the popular rich girl in school en she is dating the most popular guy Brady in school. But she is definitely not happy with how everything is going. She isn’t sure about her relationship anymore and she finds out what her dad is hiding from her mother. Her mother is a social influencer, which is kind of an interesting storyline. Normally younger girls are influencers.

Elodie is the new girl in school en is kind of cool awkward in the beginning. Not sure why she is still hanging out with this other girl Rachelle because she is not that nice. Elodie also starts to fall for a girl. Elodie is also the one with the biggest shoplifting problem. She steals a lot, especially when she is feeling down. After her mom died in a car accident, she has to live with her dad, stepmother and stepbrother.

This series is mostly about shoplifting. That is how they start talking to each other and they think it is the only connection they have. You realize that they have so much more in common. They all three struggle with their own problems and they are helping each other to solve it. And this series is definitely not only about shoplifting. They aren’t shoplifting in every single episode. They really start becoming good friends. But there is one unwritten rule apparently because they are not hanging out with each other at school. So basically no one at school knows that they are friends.

I really liked the actors and I liked how three different girls become friends. Reminds me a little bit of my high school where everyone was friends with everyone. And I am really loving their friendship. They always help each other if they have a problem and that is what real friendship is about. The only one I didn’t like was Rachelle, she was kind of annoying. And of course, you will definitely hate Brady too. He is that popular guy, but he is also violent.

Of course, the question always is will be there a second season? And honestly, I have no idea. There wasn’t a huge cliffhanger, And what if they make a second season? How will the story continue? I think another season seeing the same girls shoplifting would be too boring.
On the other hand, I would love to see what will happen with Elodie and her dad. 

Have you seen Trinkets?

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