My top 10 for Eurovision 2018

my top 10 for eurovision 2018

Songfestival is this week and I am a huge fan of the songfestival. It is a guilty pleasure. This year it is being held in Lisbon, Portugal. And today I am sharing my top 10 for Eurovision songfestival 2018. . This review is based on the videoclips and not live videos or rehearsels. I am aware that some artists are not good at singing live or that some artists sounds better live. This top ten is in random order.


Czech republic

Funky, nice beat, probably a favorite for teenage girls (and boys) to win. He is young, he raps and he sings very well.




Yes, I love the Italian language! Uptempo song against war and terrorism. I think that is is abeautiful message.





Love his voice. Reminds me of another (older) song of Marlon Roudette – New age


Sounds very happy, Makes me want to dance all night long.



I know it is my own country, but I really like his voice. And I love country music. But I saw that the bookmakers don’t think he is going to win. Mostly based on the dancers (krumping) during his act.



YES YES YES One of my favorites. Reminds me of The Script



Yes Like it a lot. It is very calm song, but so beautiful.



Finally some rock music And because I love rock music a lot, this is definitely top 10 material. Because it stands out.



Typical Ireland(music video). I had to see their first rehearsel and Omg yes!! How is this not top 10 at the bookmakers? And I already know that these dancers in this video are also the dancers on stage this week. Can’t wait to see it.



A rock chick!! Yes girl! Love it.  Sounds great live too. How is this not a top 10 at the moment?




So this is my top ten for Eurovision this year. It was hard to pick my favorites for my top 10, but I did it. I know Israël is one of the favorite to win this year. I like the song, but I think these are just better songs.


Who is your favorite this year?


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