How to feel less stressed: Long-term solutions
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Tips om minder stress te hebben

We all know the most known ways to relax. For example, you are binge-watching your favourite Netflix show on Sunday, eating pizza and chocolate all day long or you spend your weekend reading. Which is also great. But today I wanted to talk about different ways to relax but in a very useful way. I mean, watching ‘Game of Thrones’ will help you to relax, but won’t really help you to grow and give you insights about your life. Binge-watching might help for just a day, but it is not really a long-term solution. That is why I wrote this post about how to feel less stressed: long-term solutions.

Before you start reading, take a cup of tea and really absorb the information.

How to feel less stressed: Long-term solutions

I made 4 steps to make you feel completely relax and improve yourself so you will feel less stressed in the future. See it as a self-care day. Plan a day for yourself to do this.

1. Relax

The first is to make sure that you are completely relaxed and really take your time. When you are relaxed, everything seems easier and clearer to you.

Write in your journal.
Write everything down that is on your mind. Literally everything, even the things that don’t make sense at first. This will help your mind to calm down and see everything in perspective. If you worry about something, write them down too. It is easier to see them on paper and then to take action. Sometimes we can worry about things that does not matter at all, because maybe it won’t happen.

Make a to do list
For me making a to-do list, is very helpful. My head is always so full with things I still or want to do, so I write them down. This will make everything easier because you can check off your things off your list. Maybe you think you are so busy, but in fact, you don’t have to do a lot of things. You were just wasting too much time thinking about your to-do list. Your mind is just chaotic.

Now your head is clearer, it is time to give yourself/your body a boost. And no you, don’t have to to the gym for this. For me, it already helps when I go outside for a 20-minute walk. That is already enough. You will instantly feel better, more relaxed and happier. That is because your mind releases happy chemicals/hormones into your body.

Do a mindfulness exercise
Another great way to relax is to meditate or do a mindfulness exercise. Mindfulness and meditation are things you can do everywhere, except when you are driving a car. Take a bath and focus on your breathing. If you start thinking about other things, just bring your focus back to your breathing. Mindfulness is a little bit different because you don’t have to focus on your breathing but on the task you are doing at that moment. If you are cooking or baking, focus just on that. Or when you go out for a walk, focus on how your feet touches the ground and feel the sunlight.

2. Do nothing

Make time to do nothing at all. I mean really nothing. No phones, no tv, no internet. Just you and the silence. Basically a sort of meditation, but with thoughts. But because you are now completely relaxed (after step 1), you will get more inspired thoughts. When I go outside for a walk, I always bring my phone with me. I am not texting and walking at the same time, but when I go for a walk I completely relax. And when I am relaxed, I always get so many great ideas for my blog. But when you are dealing with a problem, maybe you will get the solution when you are completely relaxed and quiet.

3. Take action

Now we are going to talk about self-growth. We are now completely relaxed and ready to take action. Because there is a reason why you are stressed. This can be anything; your job, friends, the place where you live, relationship. And if you really want to feel less stressed in the future, you have to change things. Go back to step 1 and read the things you wrote down. You probably wrote down some things that make you feel stressed or anxious. Is there something you can do about it? (the answer is probably YES). You can always find a new job that you really like, You can always find new friends, You can move to another city and you can definitely end your relationship if you want to.  Take the first step and you already feel better.

Second, watch and read things that really inspire you. Read books about personal growth, which is very important to me. These days you can find a lot of information on the internet (youtube and blogs). When you want to change your job, watch videos about that. Read books about the topics you want to read. Tony Robbins is always saying that growth equals happiness.

4. Live your new stress-free life

And now you’ve completed step 1-3, you will already feel a lot better. You took time for yourself and you made a plan of action to change your life for the better. Finding a new job or friends will take time, but please enjoy the journey too. So many people are so focused on the end-goal that they forget to enjoy and have fun too.

And remember: if you don’t like something, know that there is always a way to change it. It might not happen overnight, but you have to take the first step. You only have one life. Don’t waste it, please. Do what feels good for you, don’t listen to others opinions. It is YOUR life.

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