tips for when you want to take a break from social media

Tips for when you want to take a break from social media

So you decided you needed a social media break, that is great! Even a couple of hours without your phone is great.  Today I am giving you a couple of tips for when you want to take a break from social media.

At first you should know why you want to take a break from social media. Is it because you are spending way too much time online? Or maybe it makes you feel down or you experience anxiety? Or maybe you interact more online with people than you do in real life? The second step is to know how long you want to take a break from social media. Some take a year off, which might be extreme for you. Spending your weekend without internet is also very good.

Tips for when you want to take a social media break

Let everyone know

You can leave social media just like that, but it is better when you let everyone know. Write an Instagram post with your break announcement and send everyone a message on WhatsApp that you are not available for a while. When you also don’t want to check your e-mail, make an automatic response, so everyone will know when they try to contact you.  Especially when you have your own business or you have friends or family members you talk to every day through WhatsApp.

Delete all the apps from your phone

You can leave the apps on your phone, but it will be so much harder when you do. You still get notifications every single day. It is hard to resist those notifications every time. So deleting your apps is the best option here. Or you can buy a cheap phone. You can only call and text with those phones, so no temptations. Another option is to turn your phone off.

Distract yourself

At first, it can be hard, because you are used to use your phone at any moment and just scroll. The best solution for this is that you distract yourself. Read a book, go out for a walk (without your phone), hang with your friends. Plan a fun trip. Just do what you like to do. You will also notice that it seems you have so much more time now, so plan a full day of fun activities. Normally you would waste those minutes or hours on your phone and now you can use those hours to follow your passion/dreams.

My personal experience with social media breaks is very positive. I remember that I once took a week off and it did so much in that week. Even better: I did more in one morning that I normally did in one day. I was more productive, read a lot and I felt more relaxed. Less anxiety and happier. Of course, not everyone is the same, but you can at least try what social media is doing to you. It does not hurt to try, right? Try taking a weekend off and see and feel how relaxed you are.

Do you like to social media breaks? And what is your best tip for when you want to take social media break?

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