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time crawlers

Title: Time Crawlers
Author: Varun Sayal
Pages: 100
Date: June 15th 2018
Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing

About Time crawlers

Alien Invasion, Dark Artificial Intelligence, Time-Travel, High-Tech Mythology, Djinn Folklore, Telekinetics, and life-consuming Cosmic Entities are some major themes in this book which has six tightly-knit, fast-paced Sci-Fi stories.

1. Nark-Astra, The Hell Weapon
The weapons he possesses make him the destroyer of worlds, and he burns for revenge. A high-tech take on ancient Indian mythology.

2. Death by Crowd
The dark desires of the masses; darknet websites fueled by a crypto-currency. What lurks in the background – an advanced artificial intelligence?

3. Genie
He rubbed a lamp alright, but what he got was the shock of his life. An entirely sci-fi take on the djinn myth.

4. Time Crawlers
There are individuals who existing in multiple time periods at once, and there are those who know about them….

5. Eclipse
No attacks, no blood-shed, yet there was an invasion and a conquest. Who are these shapeshifter aliens being hounded by an eclipse?

6. The Cave
The fate of an advanced imperial race hangs in balance as a dark celestial entity meets a legendary protector.


Varun Sayal send me this e-book last month and asked for a review. After reading the plot on Goodreads, I decided to go for it. I was not in the mood to read long stories, so these short stories were perfect for me.
And you know what? It kind of reminded me of the Netflix series Black Mirror. You think those things will never happen, but then you start thinking what if? But there is one difference, because Black Mirror is a lot about western culture. This is more about Indian culture
My favourite stories were Death by crowd, which was pretty intense and shocking. But what if this is our future? Or maybe it is already happening, but we don’t know it. I am not familiar with the dark net,  And I also loved Eclipse, because I always love stories about aliens who are already among us.

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