This or that Autumn Edition

This or that Autumn edition

It is Autumn, well that is what everyone is saying. When I go outside it feels more like winter. It is freezing and windy. But I decided to make a this or that autumn edition. I am so not ready for winter yet.

This or that Autumn Edition

Tea or Pumpkin spice latte
I have to admit that I never had Pumpkin spice latte. It is pretty shocking. I know you can get it at Starbucks, but I never go to Starbucks.  And besides that, there are so many great tea flavours. One of my favourites in autumn is Apple with Cinnamon flavour.

Books or Netflix
So I don’t have Netflix at the moment. And that is for a reason: because I was too addicted to Netflix. I could watch Netflix for hours every single night. So before I get Netflix again (because I will) I want to have a good daily routine and be sure that I am not going to watch for hours every day again.
So at the moment, I would choose books.

Cookies or Apple pie
I am not a big fan of pie, but apple pie is the only pie I do like (besides a good chocolate pie.) But it also depends who made the apple pie, because if you buy an apple pie in the supermarket, it does not always taste good. If I can make my own apple pie, I would go for the apple pie.  But my favourite cookie is the chocolate chip cookie, you can always wake me up for that. So I can’t choose.

Candles or Fairy lights
I want to say candles, especially the scented ones. Unfortunately, I have a cat. Okay, I love my cat a lot, but he jumps on everything. It can be dangerous to lit some candles. I don’t want to set my house on fire. So, for now, I am going to say fairy lights.

Sweaters or Blankets
Blankets always! Sweaters are good too. But I always need a blanket when I sit on the couch. It makes it just a little cosier.

Girlmore girls or Friends
Girlmore Girls!!! I love friends too, but Girlmore Girls is the perfect tv show to watch in autumn. It is very funny and I love the mother-daughter relationship between Rory and her mother Lorelai. They are best friends

Socks or Mittens
Socks. Comfy winter socks. That moment when you just wake up or when you come home and you put on your winter socks. It feels so good. And to be honest. I don’t wear mittens in the winter. I know I would get cold hands without them, but I always put them in the pockets of my coat.

Go trick or treating or watching scary movies
Watch scary movies, because we don’t celebrate Halloween with trick or treat. I always celebrate Halloween always by watching some scary movies.

Halloween or Thanksgiving
I like the idea of Thanksgiving a lot. Even though I think you should be grateful every single day. But I am not an American and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Although we get more and more Black Friday deals too over here. So maybe we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the future too. Halloween isn’t big either, but there are some Halloween parties you can go to. But I am going for Halloween for now.

Harry Potter movies or Halloween movies
HARRY POTTER!!! I can watch Harry Potter movies non-stop. Some Halloween movies can be scary and I don’t always like that. But I am always in the mood for a Harry Potter movie.

Beanies or berets
Beanies for sure. Berets do not suit me very well. Beanies are warm, cosy and cute.

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