This is the start of something new

This is the start of something new

Hey guys! Guess who is back again? Yup, it is your girl Queen B(ettie). I took a break from blogging in English and decided to try to blog in my own language. But I soon realized that I really prefer to blog in English. And I really see this as a new beginning. This is the start of something new.

Why am I changing a few things?

Do you that feeling that something has to change? I had this feeling the last couple of days and I had no idea what is was. But as soon I started writing everything down on paper I knew I was going to a new phase in my life. I was going to change my blog/social media and my personal life. And that moment when everything became clear, I got really excited and I barely could sleep last night. That is how I knew it was the right choice for me. It is the right path for me if I wanted to grow as a blog and as a person.

Focusing on creating quality content

There will be more blog posts coming online every single day and all of them are focused on happy things. I want to spread positive vibes only. I want to give you those happy feelings when you read my blog. I want to make you feel happy. And I also hope to inspire you to become the best version of yourself. 

I will delete or improve my older blog post. Most of them will stay available for you. I will only delete them if I am 100% it takes a lot of time to improve them and make the quality of those blog post really good.

So right now, I am going to focus on making new content every single day. Last night, I also wrote down a lot of ideas I wanted to work on for my blog. And I wanted to give a few hints of what you can expect in the future:

– My (super)heroes: about people who inspire me.
– More about my burn-out and tips for you on how to avoid them
– Gratitude lists
– My happy hippie week (pictures with updates from last week)

So this is what you can expect. My blog schedule (except for this morning) will be:
– Morning post: 7 AM (UK time)
– Evening post (optional) : 7PM (UK time)


And this start of something new doesn’t just apply to my blog and my social media channels. No, it also applies to my personal life. I don’t want to tell you too much about it already but there a few things I would like to change and I am also going to work on those things. A few things I would like to change are:

– Creating a routine for myself
– Improve my concentration
– Start to work-out/become a ‘fitgirl’
– No screens in the evening
– Relax and have more fun

Of course, I am going to keep you updated om my personal journey. Not only here on my blog, but you can also follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I will post more daily updates on those platforms.

This is the start of something new

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