Things that I don’t like about book hypes

things I don't like about book hypes

Everyone who reads a lot will probably understand what I mean in this post because book hypes are not always fun. These are 6 Things that I don’t like about book hypes.

1. The book is a disappointment

Everyone tells you how awesome the book is. And you get a lot of high expectations for this book. Then you start reading it and you wonder why everyone is in love with books. Because when you have high expectations, the chance is big that it will feel like a disappointment.

2. Spoilers

When a book is very popular and everyone is talking about it on social media, their blogs and on Youtube, it is hard to avoid those spoilers. To be honest, nobody likes spoilers right? I try really hard to avoid them, but it is almost impossible. Spoilers make the book less fun because you already know what will happen.

3. When you don’t like the book

You just can’t like every single book. Not everyone will like the book that is very popular. I am going to make a blog post about popular books I didn’t like. Because it is pretty annoying when everyone talks about that book when you are the only who didn’t like it.

4. People think you are weird when you didn’t like the book

When I told someone that I did not like a certain (but very popular) book, they looked at me like I was a stranger to them. They are surprised that you didn’t like this book because of it so popular. We, book lovers, don’t care about popular books. We care about good books.

5. Movie Adaption

When a book is very popular, you can expect a movie adaptions. Sometimes it is a good thing, but most of the time it is not. Books are 99% of the time better than the movie. It is great for everyone who doesn’t read. But sometimes they change so many details and not in a good way.

6. You see this book everywhere

Everywhere you go, you see that book. When you scroll on your Instagram feed, every photo is about that book. Every book blogger writes about that book. Sure, it is cool to see that other people also liked that book. But when you see only that book on Instagram for a whole week, it gets boring. I use Instagram for inspiration and find new books. So when everyone is talking about this book, I have no idea what book I should next. #bookstruggles

What do you hate the most about book hypes?

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  1. Odd question for you that sprung to mind. And I know this doesn’t happen very often at all, but …

    “Books are 99% of the time better than the movie.”
    I agree entirely, by the way. But my question is – what if the movie comes first? That is to say, what if the book that comes out is an adaptation of the move (or TV series, which happens more often), rather than the other way round? 😀

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