the lion king 2019

The Lion King (2019)

Title: The Lion King
Director: Jon Favreau
Writers: Brenda Chapman, Jeff Nathanson
Voices: Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Seth Rogan & more
Genre: Animation, Drama
My Rating: 4/5

About The Lion King

Who didn’t grew up with watching The Lion King? In this remake of the lion king, Simba is back.  I don’t need that this movie needs a long summary, but I am giving it anyways. Simba was born in beautiful Africa and he is the son of the Lion King Mufasa. Simba is a fearless young lion. After he gets in trouble, his dad has to save him. And Mufasa will save him. But when Mufasa is trying to get to a safer place, Scar is standing on the top of the mountain. Scar is the brother of Mufasa and wants to be king and now he sees a way to kill Mufasa and to become the next king. He tells Simba to run away and to never come back. When Simba is running away, he meets Timon and Pumba and they become best friends.



I grew up watching Disney movies and I still can’t enough of those Disney movies. And The Lion King is definitely one of my favourites, so I had high expectations for this remake.

Now, I am going to confess that I will never be a fan of Beyoncé. I just don’t like her voice. A lot of times when I hear her songs on the radio, I turn it down. And to be honest. I didn’t like her singing in this movie either.
But I really loved the young Simba (JD McCrary). He was so cute and I loved his voice. Especially when he sang with the young Nala (Shahadi Wright Joseph) because that was really beautiful.
I also like the voices of Timon and Pumba. It was exactly what I expected. There is just one thing. The original movie made me cry and this remake didn’t. Not saying it is because of Beyoncé. It really isn’t. I still don’t know exactly why I still prefer the original. 

And yes, I agree. This movie was well made. It looked so real. And no, this remake didn’t let me completely down. Because it was exactly what I expected from a remake. The graphics are really good. Only that is already a reason to watch the movie. The details look great and it looks realistic. You are basically watching a real documentary/movie with lions with a story.

The music is good. But there was one thing that I noticed and I am not sure if the original has this part too or maybe they added this as a little extra. But there is one part where Timon/Pumba are suddenly singing a part of ‘Be our guest’, which is a song from the movie Beauty and the beast. I’ve never noticed this when I was younger and watched the original. But maybe it is just me and I just missed this part. Beauty and the beast is definitely my favourite Disney movie, so this part was pretty cool.

A little fun fact: I was in the mood to adopt two cats after I watched this movie. I didn’t eventually.

Have you seen this remake of The Lion King too?

Image: Walt Disney Studios


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