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the end of the f**king world


About the end of the f**king world

The end of the f**king world is about James is 17 years old and is pretty sure he is a psychopath. Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school. The pair make a connection and she persuades him to embark on a roadtrip in search of her real father. Ofcourse on their way to find her dad, they do weird and bad things. I present you the new Bonnie and Clyde


I saw the trailer not that long ago. Everyone was talking about this new netflix show.  First reaction was: wtf followed by ‘This is stupid.’ and ‘I don’t want to watch this thing, it looks weird.’ But everyone on social media was talking about this show. It is just a bad hype, I thought. So I gave in and decided to watch everything in one sitting.  First reaction was still ‘Wtf’ and it was weird. I got a kind of Bonnie and Clyde idea. Two young people are running away and doing weird things. Can’t tell you everything , because I don’t want to spoil too much.But I have to admit: it was better than the actual trailer. But in my opinion it is still overrated. But maybe I am missing something or it is just not my taste.  That happens sometimes, you can’t like everything in this F**king world. Do I really want another season? No, and besides that they are probably in jail.
The action is good though, I really believed the characters and that they were fucked up in their heads. And you can see that Alyssa just need more love from her mother or her dad. And James, well I just think he is weird. Maybe because what happened to his mother, but I don’t know.


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