stranger things season 3 review

Stranger things season 3 | review

Title: Stranger things season 3
Actors: Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder etc.
Creators: Matt and Ross Duffer
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Drama
My Rating: 4/5

About Stranger things Season 3

At the end of season 2, we saw that this monster had control over Will. Will was possessed, but thanks to everyone and especially Eleven/El the monster left his body and the gap between the two dimensions got closed. But a year later in season 3, we see that everything went back to normal again. But one day Dustin heard a secret message from the Russians and together with Steve and Robin, he is trying to figure it out what they are saying and what their plans are. Are the Russians dangerous?

The other kids notice that there is something wrong and soon they find out that there is something wrong with Billie and that the monster is back again. Or maybe he never left.



I didn’t binge-watched this season as I did with season 1 and 2. But it wasn’t because it was less exciting. Although I have to admit that some things are getting predictable now in this season. The monster is trying to find a human body as a host and El (short for Eleven) uses all of her superpowers to save the world and to kill this terrible monster thing.
And it is kind of funny to see that the rest of Hawkings are just living their lives while the kids like Eleven, Dustin and the rest are fighting this monster. Why is he coming back for El? There are more children in this world just like her. 

What I noticed in this season was there were 3 groups. In the other seasons’ everyone was doing everything together as one big group, but not in this season. Dustin is trying to find out what Russians are saying together with Steve and Robin. Eleven and the other kids are trying to find out what is going on and to see if the monster is really back. And Joyce and Jim Hopper are also doing their own thing. But everything leads to the exact same thing: the monster. And you can see them working together at the end. 

There are a few new characters like Robin. I think Robin is my favourite now. She works with Steve in a store serving ice cream. But I really like her character and I hope that we can see her in the next season too. Yes, I am already talking about season 4. I did some research and the idea was to make at least 4 seasons. So even though Netflix didn’t announce the fourth season yet, I think we can expect one. Especially with an ending like this. I still have a few questions and I am curious to see what will happen next.

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