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stop worrying so much

What if I fail my exam? What if they don’t like me? Do my friends even like me? What if I lose my job tomorrow, what do I have to do? Does this sound familiar? To me it kind of does. I worry too much and I know I am not the only one.

But does worrying so much help you or is it just a waste of time? Worrying makes you feel negative and is that what you want? They say ‘like attracts like’, which means if you worry a lot, you are vibrating on a low frequency. That means you only attract more of the negative stuff. And nobody wants that right?
Life is too short to worry so much. Sounds cliché, but it is the truth. That is why I am giving you a couple of tips today that will help you stop worrying so much.

Tips to stop worrying so much

Set a time to worry and write it down

Sometimes I worry a lot when I want to sleep. That is why I have a notebook on my bedside table. Every time I have a lot of thought, I just write every single thing down and that really helps so much. Without it, I would not be able to sleep at night at all. But it is even better when you set a time every single day for yourself and just to think about everything. Set a time for about 10 – 20 minutes and write everything down that you think or/and worry about. And most of the time you wonder why you were worried about those things.


Meditation is good for a lot of things and one of them that it helps you to calm your mind. Whether you have positive or negative thoughts. After a meditation session, I always feel so refreshed and you don’t need to do it for hours every day. You can even meditate for five minutes a day. And don’t tell me you don’t have the time for it, because you do. Do it after you wake up, during your lunch break or maybe before you go to bed.

Do something

Another easy way to distract yourself is to do something. Go read a book, watch a movie or go hang out with your friends. Buy a colouring book for grown-ups, that is also a great way to distract yourself and calm your mind.  If coloring is not your thing: exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, which will make you feel good.

Step Away from technology

Social media can be good or bad. In this case, I will talk about the bad side because Social media can make you feel insecure. Are you worrying about how many followers you have? Is your new picture cute enough? Yes! If you feel like this sometimes, step away from your phone and do something else. Go outside (without your phone)

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