Stop waiting for the perfect moment

Stop waiting for the perfect moment

So today I want to talk about something important. Because I hear a lot of people talking about the perfect moment. They only take the next step in their lives when they have enough money or they will do that when they feel better. But let me tell you that there is no such thing as the perfect moment. The only ‘perfect moment’ is right now. So stop waiting for the perfect moment and start doing now.

Just do it

There is always something you can do right now that will help you to get closer to your goals. Do you want to be a successful Youtuber? But you don’t have enough money to buy equipment, like cameras and lights, don’t wait until you finally have the money to buy it. You probably have a  phone with a camera. Make your videos with your phone! As long as your content is great, people will find you.

And I mean how does the perfect moment look like? Because I have no idea. Time is just time.


People are actually using waiting for the perfect moment as an excuse. But the real reason is that they are scared to take the next step. it is just another excuse we tell ourselves to give us more time to put off what we want. They are afraid that it doesn’t work out and they fail. Or they are just procrastinating. Do you really want to live your dream life? The answer is probably yes, so follow your dreams!  Let me tell you one thing: you will only fail when you don’t follow your dreams.  Don’t let fear control YOUR life. Everyone is scared to take a certain step in their lives, but you can and will only succeed if you do it. Don’t stop following your dreams, because you are afraid. Because you will regret it when you don’t do it.

And deep down you already know that you should be pursuing what it is that you want. So after reading this article, I want you to write down your goal and make a plan of action. Even better: take the first step immediately! If you want to be a Youtuber, pick a topic and make a video. If you want to be an actor, look for auditions online.

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