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About Stepsisters

On january 19th Netflix released a new movie called Stepsisters. Not stepsisters as in halfsisters, but as in stepping. Stepping is a dance style in which the footwork is the most important part of the dance.  Jamilah seems to have it all. She’s the president of her sorority, captain of the step dance crew, student liaison and a boyfriend. She really wants to go to Harvard and will do anything for it. When the partying girl from Sigma Beta Beta embarrass the school, Jamilah has to help them by teaching them stepdancing. They have to win Steptacular.




Best Netflix original ever? Absolutely not. Entertaining when you are really bored and you needs some distraction? Yeah maybe! If you are into movies likes ‘Pitch perfect’ and ‘Bring it on’. Especially Bring it on, there were so many similarties. One girl ‘leaves’ her own crew for another one. Same here, but she does not leave her old crew. Does that make this movie predictable? Yes and no. The ending (steptacular show) isn’t predictable. I mean, I didn’t expect it.
About the romance. yes that was too predictable. Jamilah has a boyfriend, but he is not supportive at all. And ofcourse there is a new cute guy and that makes everything complicated. And I am sure that you could guess what happens next. Oh and don’t forget the bitchy girl, every girly high school/university movie has a bitch. In this movies it is

I also saw on Youtube people commenting about racism, because the black people tell the white ones that they can’t step. It’s because of theire cultural background. First of all, I was not offended at all by this. And I also suggest you watch the whole movie before you say something.

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