social media detox

social media detox

Are you a smartphone addict and do you want to spend less time on your phone? I help you today with a social media detox. Sometimes I decide to go offline for the day and a while ago I went even offline for a whole week. I had so much more time. The chores I normally did took me way less time than normal. I felt happier and was less stressed. I use my social media accounts for my blog and I am not saying that social media is not a bad thing.  But social media can be a bad thing if you don’t use it the right way. That moment when you start comparing yourself, spending hours on social media and when you are feeling stressed. I think that is the moment that you should take a break.

Cold turkey

This is the hard way of detoxing! Put your laptop somewhere you don’t see it and put your phone also away. If you can’t see it, it will trigger you less to use it. Small reminder: Don’t do this when you use your e-mail at home for work. Ofcourse you can still do this for one day, but not for a whole week. Or let people know that you are doing this. Honestly, I think this is the best way to detox for me. When I decide to use it less, I still use it way too much. So cold turkey is a hard, but good solution for me to detox.

Don’t get bored

When people get bored, they want their phones. I see this all the time; when they are on the bus and have nothing to do or when they are just waiting for someone. Make sure you have planned your whole day and ofcourse you decide to do nothing at all. Meditate, go out for a long walk, go to see a friend or go to a museum. There are so many things you can do on a day. Also: if you are spending your time outside of your house, you will also see how much time people spend on their phone and they barely communicate with each other. It is kind of sad to see!

Delete people and apps

You don’t want to go cold turkey, but you want spend less time on your social media. Decide which app you like the most and why you are still using it? Does it still makes you happy? A couple years ago I did spend a lot of time on Facebook and I found out that it didn’t make me happy. I decided to delete it. Now years later, I am back on Facebook, but I only use it for my blog. You can also delete people who are toxic on social media. Hit that unfollow button, it is your deciscion. Do you want to read her dramatic stories every single day or not? It is up to you. Follow people who inspire you! And when you follow 50 people instead of 500, you spend way less time.


The last thing you could do, is to make time for social media. Say to yourself that you have to finish your chores/project first before you can look on your social media. Or set a time when you want to look on your social media apps.

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11 Replies to “social media detox”

  1. Great advice to detox from so much social media. Kids need this kind of advice these days. Setting a time for social media is one of the best ways to detox. Thanks for this.

    All the best,
    Michelle / DSM Tool

  2. This is something I truly need to consider. With all of the tragedy, I need to spend less time going crazy over it and snuggle my babies more!

  3. I love the idea of social media detox. WE all need a break from social media these days and connect with people the old fashion way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my gracious I was just talking about this and post about it. I started using this app called Moment to tell me how much screen time I had on my phone each day. I was shocked anyway I am detoxing as a result. Loved ur post.

    Danie –

  5. I’m gonna try to spend less time on social media but I need it for my blog. And people on whatsapp expect that I will response quickly so I need to say to them that they have to call if they want to speak to me.

  6. I find myself restricting the amount of time I “scroll” and then move on. I probably need to unfollow more pages to clean up my timeline.

  7. I do agree with this post. Getting rid of superficial friends has yielded a better 2018 for me so far. I’m trying to focus on using FB solely for creating pages for my professional interests, and on old-fashioned ways to create and retain lasting friendships.

  8. Absolutely love this! I need to do this soon 🙂

    Sophie |

  9. We all need less screen time. I say as I type this on a screen. Haha! Thanks for a great post. I’d especially like to say that kids need less screen time! It’s ridiculous how much time some kids spend on their screens…

  10. Yes! This is an absolutely refreshing post! I recently took a break from social media, and it was FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing this inspiring and thoughtful content.

  11. thank you for the amazing and inspiring post

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