Sierra Burgess is a loser
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Sierra Burgess is a loser | Film recensie

Title: Sierra Burgess is a loser
Actors: Shannon Purser, Noah Centineo, Kristine Froseth
Director: Ian Samuels
Writer: Lindsey Beer
Date: September 2018
Genre: Romance, Chickflick
Rating: 3/5

About Sierra Burgess is a loser

Sierra is not popular at all at her high school and with the boys. That changes when the most popular girl, Veronica,  gives her number to a guy. One problem: the guy thinks that she is Veronica. They start to talk to each other every evening on their phones. Sierra is falling for Jamey and Jamey is falling for her. Sierra even asks Veronica to help her, because Jamey thinks that she is Veronica. Veronica goes on a real date with him and sends him pictures.

But what happens if Jamey finds out that Veronica is actually Sierra and they were catfishing him?



So, is this Catfish the movie? Yes, it is and I have a lot to say about this movie. First of all, I think it is kind of cool that the most popular girl starts to change. She starts as the mean girl of the school, but soon you find out that she is having problems at home. But even when you have problems at home, it is still not okay to bully other people. 
Second, it is very sick when you decide to play a game with Jamey. He is falling in love with Veronica, at least that is what he thinks. Just say who you really are. But he isn’t the smartest kid in school either. Because Veronica and Sierra’s voices are so different. He should have noticed it. Also, the part when Jamey wants to kiss Veronica is so fucking awkward and cringey. 

And I know movies with a happy endings score better than a sad ending, but this movie is actually showing that it is okay to play catfish. In the end, he forgives her and everything is okay again? I would be so freaking mad and avoid this person for the rest of my life. 

Also, Sierra is not a really nice person. I know this movie wants you to feel sorry for this girl, because she isn’t the prettiest girl in the world. But if you are a catfish and you also start to bully Veronica, I don’t feel sorry for you. I liked her better at the beginning of the movie when she stood up against the mean girls and didn’t give a shit about what they were saying about her. That girl was a badass. 

The lesson of this movie: NEVER pretend to be someone else. It ends bad and it does not have a happy ending like this movie. 

PS: I was kind of hoping that Jamey and Veronica would become a couple. I was shipping them so hard. 
PPS: Sierra’s best friend Dan is the funniest in this movie!

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