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set it up

Title: Set it up
Actors: Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, Glen Powell
Director: Claire Scanlon
Writer: Katie Silberman

About Set it up

Two young assistants, Charlie and Harper,  in New York City are working always very hard and can’t go home before their bosses are going home (in the middle of the night). They realize they can make their lives easier by setting up their workaholics bosses to date, to get them stuck in the elevator. But during this ‘romantic project,’ the assistants are getting closer.




Yes! Finally! Netflix has made their first romantic movie that is actually good and enjoyable. The actors are perfect for their roles and you can see and feel the chemistry between Harper (Zoey) and Charlie (Glen). Even though they are both dating someone else. Because they are spending so much time together setting up their bosses they become closer and closer. No awkward scenes in this movie and funny at some points.. In the end, they both learn something from each other. Is working their butt off for the bosses really what they want? Are they really living their dream?

But I am so happy that Netflix has finally made a decent romantic movie with good actors. I thought that they just couldn’t do it. I thought they only could make good sci-fi movies/series. So if you want to watch a romantic movie this weekend and you are looking for one on Netflix. This would be one of my recommendations.  So, Netflix if you are reading this: Make more rom-com movies like this, please.

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