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Santa Clause | film recensie

Title: Santa Clause
Actors: Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson
Director: John Pasquin
Writers: Steve Rudnick, Leo Benvenuti
Date: 1994
Length: 1h34min

About Santa Clause

Santa clause is one of classic Christmas movie you see every year on tv, but you don’t get tired of.  Scott Calvin is a divorced businessman with a son. His son is staying at his house on Christmas eve. In the middle of the night, they wake up because of the noise on their roof. Scott sees someone dressed up Santa and he yells to him. He falls off the roof and dies. The business card of the Santa says that when you put the clothes you, you’ll become the new Santa Claus. Scott thinks it is a joke, but in the months after Christmas, his body is changing. His hair turns grey, his beard grows very fast and he gains weight too. He can’t longer deny that he is the new Santa Claus.



Santa Clause is absolutely one of my favourite Christmas of all time. It is one of those classics you have to see every single year. This movie has also everything: elves, a funny story, reindeers.
This year I also found a beautiful hidden message in this movie I’ve never seen before. You probably know that I believe in the Law of Attraction. In this movie, they say that kids believe in Santa without seeing him and grown-ups want proof first before they believe it. In real life, you also have two kinds of people: people who believe in magic without proof and people who need proof before they believe it. Not telling you that you should believe in Santa though. Haha

Even though this movie is from 1994, it is still my favourite one. Tim Allen plays his role very well as the new Santa. Especially the part where he finds out that he is really the next Santa and finally accepts it. From that moment his ex-wife thinks that he is crazy. What I also like about these movies that they don’t change the actor in the sequels. I hate when they do that.

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