Samsung galaxy s9 vs Iphone 8

samsung galaxy s9 vs iphone 8

At the moment I own a Samsung Galaxy S5. I got this from someone else who got a new phone. But that was years ago. I notice my phone gets slower and to be honest: the camera kind of sucks on this phone. Especially the front camera (2 megapixels).

And I know that new phones also have more GB. My S5 has only 16GB. So I am looking for a new phone with a better camera and more GB. And I have found two phones that I like, but of course, I only need one.

Samsung Galaxy S9

This phone (Samsung galaxy s9) is pretty new and it comes in different colours (purple, blue, gold and black). I always pick the black one, because that one goes well with the rest of my outfit. And I don’t like gold.
The Samsung Galaxy S9 has 64 GB, which is a pretty good upgrade for me. But I see one big no for me: 12 megapixels and the front camera has 8  megapixels. On my S5 I have 16 mp, so a phone with just 12mp is a huge step back. But when I read the reviews, they are all positive about the camera.


iPhone 8

I have never had an iPhone, but I know a lot of people love everything that is made by Apple. And because I want a MacBook in the future, buying an iPhone is also one of my options. I am not going for the newest phone, but Iphone 8 looks pretty decent too. iPhone 8 has also 64GB, just like the Samsung S9. And there is also almost no difference between the two cameras. But the front camera of this iPhone has only 7MegaPixels. The other camera has also 12mp, just like Samsung.
But if I am buying a MacBook, I can connect my phone to my laptop, which is a plus for me. As a Blogger, I use my phone and laptop a lot.

The price difference between these two phones is just 30 euro. So price does really matter. But I am kind of surprised that the primary camera is just 12 megapixels and my older S5 has 16. But they improved the front camera.

Which one would you buy? And why?

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