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Safe Haven | Movie review

Title: Safe Haven
Actors: Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, Cobie Smulders
Director: Lasse Hallström
Writers: Dana Stevens, Gage Lansky
Genre: Drama, Romance
My rating: 4/5

About Safe Haven

In Safe Haven, you can see that Katie is running away from someone. She takes the first bus she sees and leaves her old town. Her bus makes a stop in a very small town called Southport and she decides to stay in this little town for a while. She gets a job, house and she makes new friends including the charming but single dad Alex.

But Katie is still running away from her past. What is her secret that she is not telling everyone?



I love all of the Nicholas Sparks movie, well maybe except one movie. This movie is definitely of my favourite. I love the actors in this movie. Josh Duhamel has been my crush since many years. And Julianne is also very beautiful.

I think this is probably the Nicholas Sparks movie with the most dramatic and exciting ending. Katie’s past is coming after her and she wants to run away. But Alex wants to help and protect her. I really loved the chemistry between Alex (Josh Duhamel) and Katie (Julianne Hough). And I really liked the children of Alex too, especially Lexie because she is the cutest kid ever.
But Josh, the son of Alex, is still struggling with all this. I mean, he lost his mother and now he thinks Alex wants to replace her with Katie. Which isn’t true ofcourse. And it is also not very easy Alex either. He is starting to date again after all what happened to his wife, who passed away. 

Acting was good, storyline was good. The tension builds up perfectly and you get to see more and more of Katie’s past and what exactly happened before she ran away. 

If you love Nicholas Sparks movie, you won’t get disappointed. 

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safe haven review

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