Are Riverdale and Friends leaving Netflix
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Are Riverdale and Friends leaving Netflix?

Bad news for the fans of Riverdale, because it is possible that it could leave Netflix for a new streaming service. Today I am answering the question: Are Riverdale and Friends leaving Netflix?

Warner Bros

Warner Bros saw that streaming services like Netflix and HBO are doing very well and now they want to make their own streaming service. You are probably thinking: who cares? But this can mean that a lot of popular series will leave Netflix for this new streaming service.
I am talking about series like Riverdale, Friends, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and a lot more. They are all made/produced by Warner Bros.  They are hoping that this new streaming service will be available at the end of this year

However, if you don’t live in America like me it is possible that you don’t have to worry. As long as the streaming service isn’t available in your country, it is possible to see those Warner Bros series on Netflix just like normal.

More Streaming Services

To be honest, I will hate this. I live in the Netherlands and I probably can still see my favourite series on Netflix in 2020, but isn’t it ridiculous that every movie/series company wants to make their own streaming services? I don’t want to pay for 4 or 5 streaming services. Netflix is good enough for me. But those companies want to make more money with their own streaming service. But would you pay for 4 different streaming services? Disney also told everyone that they are also working on their own streaming service. And even though I love Disney movies a lot, I am not going to pay for it. I will probably just buy their movies on DVD if I really want to see it.

And why is one streaming service not good enough? It is not like that they don’t earn anything from it. Apparently, it is not good enough and they still want to earn more money. And will they (Disney and Warner Bros) also make more movies/series when they have their own streaming service? I like that Netflix is putting more money in producing their own stuff.

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