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Redenen waarom je bent geblokkeerd op Instagram

There is a new Instagram update. And you know how I love social media and especially Instagram. I like posting new photos and I love that you can interact with people from all over the world with the same interests. But I am not sure if I love the new Instagram update. I get why they did it, but in my opinion, it is not working awesome yet. It started two weeks ago when I got action blocked on Instagram. I was suddenly blocked from everything.

I did some research last week because I still blocked and I found several videos about this topic. There is a new Instagram update and should help Instagram to clean up the spam accounts and the people who are using bots.

So why are you action blocked?

In my case I still don’t know exactly why I got blocked. I can’t remember that I was following too many people. Even better: I was unfollowing a lot of people recently. And I still got blocked. Maybe they made a mistake or I did something else wrong.

Following and liking too much

A lot of people are using bots these days to like and to follow everyone. And Instagram does not like that. So they thought of a new solution: block people who are engaging/following too much. Apparently, the limit is now around 5000-6000 actions per month. If you follow more than 200 people a day for a month, you probably will get blocked. Which kind of make sense to me. I am currently following way too many people (3000+) and I am not even engaging with everyone. I think you should follow max. 1000 accounts. So you don’t need to follow 5000 people in a month. And the follow/unfollow game is just annoying.

All I want to know if this also applies to liking. Because liking 200 posts a day isn’t that much. When you follow 500 people and they all post something new each day, you will get blocked in no time. But so far I think that there is a different limit for liking because I have been liking a lot the last couple of days and I am not action blocked yet.

You are using a third-party app

Are you in a like for like group? Or do you pay for a bot who will like pictures on your behalf? Be careful! Instagram prefers real engagement instead of bots. I think this is great because that is what social media is about. It is not that much about getting likes and getting a lot of followers. It is mostly about interacting WITH your followers/other users.

If you have a third-party app on your phone, the best thing you can do is to delete it.

What does this mean to be action blocked?

Sometimes you get a message that you can’t like or follow anymore and this block will expire the next day. But if you are really spamming and playing the follow/unfollow game, you will get action blocked for a longer period of time. For me, it already takes more than two weeks. 

So next time when you are unblocked again, try to slow down with liking and following people. Or Instagram will think you are a spam account or a bot.

Are you action blocked on Instagram and what do you think of this new update?


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action blocked on instagram

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