Reasons why you should exercise in the morning

reasons why you should exercise in the morning

This week I decided to exercise more and by that, I mostly mean that I want to walk more. Just to see if I would get more energy from it. And today I decided to make a blog post about it because I wanted to share the reasons why you should exercise in the morning. I did some research and of course, I used my experiences for this article.

You can accomplish absolutely nothing else the rest of the day and still feel accomplished

I mean, you could the whole day bragging about how you woke up at 7 am and ran 5k. Everyone will be impressed and they don’t ask what you did for the rest of the day. Maybe you spend the rest of the day watching movies on Netflix.  You might actually want (!) to eat healthy stuff

Funny how this works. First of all, I wanted to eat more, a lot more. Which is good of course because your body needs it. But I did not want to eat unhealthy snacks and I was looking for healthy recipes. Maybe you have seen my roasted chickpeas or my banana/oatmeal cookies. That was a result of running every day.  Now I prefer getting paprika, chickpeas or fruit as a snack.

You’ll eventually get a better workout than you would later in the day.

This is something I noticed too. I perform better in the morning. After a long day, I can barely run without stopping. That is why I prefer exercising in the morning.

4. You’ll feel less stressed
I mean, who does not want to feel less stressed? People stress about literally anything these days. Exercising will help you with that. When you exercise more you feel less stressed. So when you do this in the morning, you will feel less stressed during your day.

 You’ll stoke your appetite for breakfast.
Studies show that eating breakfast inspires people to make better choices all day. so, breakfast-haters, It is time to eat your breakfast. I mean when you exercise in the morning, you can’t do that on an empty stomach. You need energy and food will give you that energy. Make a smoothie with green veggies, fruit and water.

You’ll have nothing to dread the rest of the day.
Things are only getting better. And less sweaty! You don’t think about the work-out you still have to do at the end of your day. Because how more you think about it, how more you don’t want to do it.

You’ll have to shower only once a day
It’s a win-win situation. Normally you would maybe twice a day: in the morning before you go to your work and in the evening after your run. It is better for the environment when you shower once a day. And believe me: you don’t have to shower twice a day.

You’ll start your day in an awesome mood.
Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, a morning workout will boost your endorphins for extra good feelings for the rest of the day. This is one I really noticed. I was in a better mood when I walked a couple of kilometres in the morning.

You’ll probably have more energy during your workout. Really. Think about it. Which is more difficult: sleeping or spending an entire day in your shoes? Thought so. “With enough sleep, you will have more energy at the beginning of the day than the end to put into your workout,” says certified fitness trainer Stacy Berman. This is the second thing I really experienced. I had more energy and I could do more things without taking a nap. Also when you feel sleepy go for a walk instead of taking a nap. It will give you so much more energy. And if you are still feeling tired after that, you can take a nap.

Your skin will naturally glow.
A post-workout flush. After my skin is so beautiful and everything. Okay, maybe your head is very red immediately after your exercise, but in the end, your skin will be glowing. When I sit all day long, working on something, my skin is a bit paler than when I work-out.

You’ll give your metabolism a big boost! You burn more calories throughout the day when you do a morning workout than you would if you did an evening workout at a similar intensity, so if you want to lose weight, maybe you should start your day with walking or running.

When do you exercise? Morning or evening?

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