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Q&A | Get to know me

Yesterday I was thinking about how I give a lot of advice here on my blog and write reviews. But I never really talk about myself. I asked on Twitter if you had any questions for me. So it is finally time to get to know me.

Who is your favourite superhero?

Great question! I have honestly no idea, but I think I am going to say:  Superman. I really like those movies.

If you were a pie, what pie would you be?

I am not a big pie fan. There are only 2 pies I like to eat: Chocolate pie and apple pie. I think I would be a chocolate pie, because that is my favourite one. I can’t live without chocolate.

If you’re having a bad day what is the one thing that never fails to cheer you up?

Great question! I always go outside and go for a long walk in nature. I feel so much better immediately. If that didn’t work I would distract myself: watching a movie, reading a book or do something creative. Music can also help on bad days.

Greatest fear

I don’t like insects and everything that can fly (except for birds). I always run away from those animals, even butterflies. Another fear is that I won’t find the love of my life. Well, not really a fear but I will be dissappointed. haha

Favourite animal?

Cats (including tigers, lions etc.) I used to have my own cat. His name is Kiwi, but unfortunately he passed away 3 weeks ago. I still miss him. Not sure if I will adopt a new cat (or 2). I kind of want to, but it is also a lot of work. (cleaning litterbox, feed them etc.)

Favourite book?

Great question. Not sure if I have one, but I love every single book by Colleen Hoover. When I am in a romantic mood, I also love to read a Jill Mansell book.

Favourite vacation spot?

Okay, here is the thing. I would love to go to Australia, America, Dutch islands (St. Maarten, Bonaire, Surinam, Aruba) and Bali one day. But I am too scared to fly. But for now, I just travel by public transport to another country. I really love London and I can’t believe how nice everyone was when I was there. I also love to go to Ameland. I used to spend my summers on that Island when I was younger.

Any advice for new bloggers?

Never give up. If you really love blogging/writing, you can do it even when nobody is reading your blog. And just write about the things you like and not what is trendy. Currently I see a lot of Youtubers (I know not bloggers, but it is just example) making those videos where they try to eat at the worst restaurant or they try the worst hotel. But now everyone is doing it, just because it is a trend. I hate it. So follow your heart.

What made you want to write?

I started reading when I was very young. I went to the library every single week to get some new books. And that is the reason why I’ve always wanted to write my own books. But 10 years ago I also discovered that blogging was a thing and I just never stopped writing. And I think I still will write a book one day.

What is your Hogwarts house?

I just did the Hogwarts house test and to be honest I think I am a mix of every house. The result was Ravenclaw (wisdom), but I am also ambitious (slytherin), Loyal (hufflepuf) and brave (Gryffindor). I guess I am a Divergent! Oh wait, that is a different movie.

What is your favourite film?

Okay, this depends on my mood. Most of the time I love to watch a romantic movie and I will watch Pride and Prejudice. If I am in fantasy mood, I will watch harry potter. And when I want to watch a sad movie, I will watch a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Who inspires you

A lot of people actually. Everyone and everything can inspire me. Miley Cyrus is probably my biggest role model because she helps animals and people. I also subscribed to a few YouTubers who talk about mindset and law of attraction (Isabel Palacios, Leoor Alexandra) and they also inspire me to improve my mindset and to follow my own dreams.

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