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Primark wishlist | Januari 2019

I love making lists and that includes wishlists and this time I made a Primark wishlist. But if you are already familiar with the Primark, you will probably know that they don’t have an online webshop. I can’t guarantee that Primark also sells these things on my wishlist in your city.  Sidenote: I couldn’t find the UK prizes for these lovely items, but it never is very different.

And I just realized that I haven’t bought anything new in almost a year. Like, seriously. A couple of years ago I went shopping with my student friends like every month when we had a day off. I love Primark. A couple of years ago we did not have a Primark in the north of the Netherlands. So we had to travel for like 2-2,5 hours to get there, but we spent hours at the Primark. Anyway here is my wishlist for 2019

Primark Wishlist

Primark wishlist

I love wearing Parka’s in spring and on colder days in summer. I already have one in green, but I really think that red will also look good on me. Darker colors look great on me and I absolutely love this beautiful red one.  –  €25

Primark wishlist

To be honest? I don’t think you can have enough hoodies. I know I said I want to add more coloured items to my wardrobe, but nothing is wrong with a grey hoodie. I always wear hoodies when I want to read. It is just so comfy – €8

Primark wishlist

Also not very colourful, but I promise you that the other items on my Primark wishlist are!! I don’t wear dresses often, but I don’t know. I really like this one and I will have to try it on first of course, but I think it is perfect for spring/summer. Definitely way too cold for now. – €15

Primark wishlist

I love the 80’s and 90’s a lot! Band shirts and things like this with polka dots are perfect for me. The fabric looks pretty thin, so this will be another thing I only wear in spring/summer. I love the colour. It is still a very safe colour for me though. – €11

Primark wishlist

It is too late to buy a leopard item? It is a huge trend right now to wear something with this print. And I like this print, but I am not 100% sure if this will suit me. I think I have to try it on before I will buy this! Or maybe I should just stick to leopard accessories and shoes. – €9

Primark wishlist

Oh my! Is this a very bright pink Beanie? Yes, it is! I don’t wear a lot of pinkish clothes, because not every shade of pink looks good on me. But I think (and hope) that this will look great. Especially combined with my denim winter jacket I bought last year at the Primark. Also, I don’t really have a beanie anymore? And it is getting very cold next week, so a beanie is welcome. – €4

Primark wishlist

Another trend that I still don’t wear. Scrunchies are back and everyone is wearing them, except me. I told myself that I could buy them when I lost and broke my other rubber bands. But noooo, I really want scrunchies. They are so 90’s!! and I am a 90’s kid. Give me scrunchies! – 3pcs for €3

What is on your Primark wishlist?

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