Playing The sims mobile for the first time

Yes, that is right! I created another video for my YouTube channel and this time it is something totally different. Something I haven’t tried before because I am playing the sims mobile for the first time. Yup, I played a game. 

Playing the sims mobile

I remember when I was around the 10 years old and that we bought (my mom mostly) the original The Sims game. And I also remember that everyone wanted to come over to our house and play The Sims with me. But when I went to High school, I stopped playing. 

And this week I found out that there is a Sims Mobile app. I already knew that the Sims Freeplay existed, but this was new to me. Well, this game came out years ago but I discovered this week. As you can tell I really never play games. But I loved to watch those Sims videos on YouTube and that is why I decided to make my own Sims series. 

In this first episode, I created a Sim, moved in her new house and got her first job.

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Do you play The Sims Mobile app? 

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