Personal and blog update

personal and blog update

Hello, and how is it going? I think it is a beautiful day to write a personal update, don’t you think? I don’t how the weather is where you live, but it is such a lovely day here. Around 28 degrees and sunny in April is amazing. This is my favourite type of weather: not too warm and not too cold.

How is it going?
A while ago I wrote about changing my life and I thought it would be great to start with this. Of course, changing your life is not happening just overnight. Sometimes it takes more time. Last Saturday I went for a long walk (more than 1 hour) and I felt anxious and extremely tired and when I was walking back home, I got a panic attack. Later I got home and normally I would feel so tired, that I want to sleep again. But not this time. I was feeling so relaxed all day long.
The last couple of days (especially yesterday) I felt better. My energy levels were ‘normal’ and I haven’t felt like this in years. And I am so grateful for that. But because my energy levels were so high, I suddenly wanted to do a lot of things. And probably too much. I have to be careful that I am not going to do too much immediately. Focusing on one thing at a time.

I am also trying to exercise more and watch less Netflix (Netflix addiction is real, guys).  I am doing great so far actually. And when I do watch Netflix, I exercise while I am watching. Perfection combination.

Blog update
I haven’t posted a blog in a couple of days. Currently, I am working on a blog series about Dutch traditions and facts about the Netherlands. The first blog post will be online next week. And now I have more energy, I have more energy to blog.
There will be more posts online very soon. I am going to try to upload every single day. Going to invest more time in my blog and Pinterest. Going to write more reviews (books, movies, lifestyle products, etc.)

I also have changed my blog a little bit. This is because the European law is changing. It is about your privacy and made a privacy statement where I tell you what I know about you. Don’t worry, I can tell you that I only use Google Analytics for improving my blog. I can see where you are from and what your interests are. And of course, I know your IP addresses (don’t use it though) when you decide to comment (unless you write a comment with your Facebook account).

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