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About Open House

After his dad died in a terrible accident, teenager Logan (Dylan Minnette) and his mother (Piercey Dalton) are moving to another house in the mountains. They couldn’t afford another house, so they are going to live in the house of a family member. Soon weird things are starting to happen: phones missing, the boiler breaks down everytime the mother takes a shower and they get phonecalls.



I got high expections for this movie. Normally I would not watch horror/thriller movies in the evening, because I get scared easily sometimes. Especially at night, when it’s dark. I like to watch scary movies sometimes, but only when it is still light outside. ( am such a pussy)  Scary? No not at all. Everytime I thought something scary would happen, literally nothing happened. But I thought this would be a horror movie with dead people, living in the basement. It was not like that. But I didn’t watch the trailer before I saw the movie. In the trailer you can see that there is a man inside of the house.  Acting was good, and now I a fan of Dylan, I guess. I still have so many questions. This movie was way too vague. I have no idea who the killer was and why he killed them, the big reveal is missing in the movie. Was the guy living in the basement? And what about the other neighbours? The movie didn’t explain the mysterious/suspicious behavior of the townspeople. Their neighbour Martha was the weirest character.


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