northern lights

Northern Lights by Nora Roberts | Book review

Title: Northern Lights
Author: Nora Roberts
Pages: 637
Publisher: Jove
Date: September 27th 2005

About Northern Lights

The town of Lunacy in Alaska was Nate Burke’s last chance. As a Baltimore cop, he’d seen his partner die on the street and he is still feeling guilty about it. He decides to go far away from Baltimore and takes the job in Lunacy. The first weeks are pretty quiet and nothing special happens. Exactly what he wants. But he still wonders if he is taking the right decision. Then an unexpected kiss on New Year’s Eve under the Northern lights convinces him to stay a little bit longer.

Meg Galloway, born and raised in Lunacy, is used to being alone. In fact: she prefers to be alone. When she was just a young kid, her father suddenly disappeared. She loves flying her small plane and living on the outskirts of town with her two huskies dogs. Meg never had a relationship with anyone. She is okay with having sex with a guy, but she thinks a relationship is way too complicated. After her New Year’s kiss with Nate, she allows herself to see where this relationship is going to. Her only rule is as soon things will get complicated or she can’t be alone anymore, she will stop this relationship.  But there’s something about Nate’s sad eyes that gets under her skin and warms her frozen heart.

But then suddenly things are changing. When you think nothing really happens in Lunacy, you are wrong. When they are looking for a couple of guys who went hiking on a mountain, they also find a dead body. A dead body from many years ago. That is the start of a long investigation. And while other cops from other cities have their opinion, Nate start his own investigation. He is following his own instincts.


It is not the first time that I read a book by Nora Roberts. I’ve also read Blue smoke and I remember I had no expectations back then. But now I knew what I could expect from Nora.

It is funny how almost nothing ever happens in Lunacy and Nate arrives and suddenly a lot of things are going on. From stealing things, missing kids and murder of 2 people and a dead dog. But it was a good decision for Nate to move to Lunacy. He went through hell when his partner (police) died in front of him. In the beginning, he was feeling depressed and got nightmares, but he started to feel better when he starts to hang out with Meg.

Nate Burke is looking for the murderer of Pat, Max and the dog. And normally I am pretty good at figuring out who the murderer is, but not this time. I had no clue. Every chapter I thought of someone different. I like a good plot twist and that you don’t can guess who the murderer is. That was a big plus.

If I have it to compare to Blue Smoke, I would choose blue smoke. I liked the story better, but that is just personal preference.

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