niksen is the new trend

niksen is the new trend

Niksen is the new trend and you are probably thinking that is a strange word. And you never head of it before. Well yes, it is a strange word. It is a Dutch word and since I am Dutch myself, I can tell everything about this trend.

What does it mean? Niksen comes from the words ‘Niks doen’ and that means ‘doing nothing.’ People claim it is even better than Hygge (Danish) and Lagom (Swedish).


Why should you do nothing

In our modern society, everyone is busy and when they have time for themselfs, they are watching television/Netflix or they are scrolling through their social media apps. That does not calm your mind. Niksen is stress-relieving, because you don’t have to do anything at all. You can just stare out the window and watch the birds. I love to stare out of the window at night, when you can see the stars and the moon. Or you can just listen to your favorite relaxing music.

But even though niksen is a Dutch word. Don’t think that we do nothing at all, all day long. I think a lot of the Dutch people are never take time of to do nothing. I’ve never heard of it. Especially now we have acces to the internet and have cellphones, everyone grabs their phones when they get bored. Niksen means doing nothing at all, so no scrolling and watching the news. Just sit and breath.

And I also have to be honest. I don’t do this everytime. When I do nothing and I just sit in a chair watching the birds playing outside in the garden, I always get this feeling that I have to do something. Otherwise other people would think that I am lazy.

But it is good to do nothing sometimes and you don’t have to do it for hourse. Niksen is very similar to mindfulness. The difference is that with mindfulness you stay in the present moment. Niksen is not about staying in the moment. You can also daydream. This will also calm your mind (unless you think about something terrible) and this is good for your stress-levels and productivity. For me it is also helps when I need new inspiration. I get a lot of ideas when I just stare out of the window. Even when it is just for 20 minutes.

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