My wishlist for my birthday

my wishlist for my birthday

My birthday is coming up next month and I wanted to share my wishlist with you. I am becoming a minimalist more and more and I see how my wishes are changing. When it is someone’s birthday people are giving the weirdest things that they will never use. I don’t want that and that is why I made this list. This list is my wishlist for my birthday.


If you follow me on Pinterest, you would know that I love interiors with a lot of green/nature details. I think you can’t have enough plants and flowers in your house. Of course, they need water every now and then, but that is totally worth it. They provide cleaner air, which is pretty important, and they can make you feel more calm and relaxed.

my wishlist for my birthday


Okay, I own a lot of books at the moment. But there are two I really want to read right now: Simon vs the homosapiens agenda. There is also a movie coming out this June (here in the Netherlands) about this book. So I really want to read the book first. The other book is ready, player, one. The movie came out a while ago, but I prefer to read the book. Maybe I will watch the movie later, maybe not. I also like the so-called self-help books, so if I get one of those books, I would be happy too.

my wishlist for my birthday

Gift cards

This sounds maybe lame, but I really like getting gift cards for my birthday. At least I can decide how to spend it and last year I bought a new blender and shampoo (and that kind of stuff) with it. I can just buy the things I really need at the moment.

What would you ask for your (next) birthday?

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