my top 10 for eurovision 2019

My top 10 for Eurovision 2019

Are you ready for Eurovision? I know I am and I am way too excited for this every single year. Like I do every year, I share my top 10 for Eurovision 2019. I have to admit it was pretty hard. And I had to listen to every single song too. I had a list of 23 songs I really liked. I know what the bookmakers are predicting, but this list is based on my own taste in music. At the end of the post, I will explain why I didn’t include some of the popular songs in this list.

Edit: Something went wrong with embedding. I wanted to use music videos, but I can’t. Instead, I am using rehearsal videos.

My top 10 for Eurovision 2019

The Netherlands

Duncan Laurence is from my country, The Netherlands is currently number 1 at the bookmakers. I think it will be awesome if it will win because the last time we won Eurovision was in 1975! That is more than 40 years ago. Is Duncan number 1 on my list because he represents my country? Definitely not. I really love this song and I think it will stand out between the other songs. 
I hear a lot of hate about the staging, but to be honest: I don’t think this song needs a lot of lights. The song is really good and I like that they keep it simple and keep the focus on the song.


If the Netherlands doesn’t, I think I want this to win. This is currently #6 at the bookmakers. I love the beat and I always like the Italian songs in Eurovision. I listen to this song daily!


I love this music genre and I can see this winning. Currently number 2 at the bookmakers. It makes me so happy and I just want to dance and sing along. 


I mean, how can you not like this song? Every year I put Spain in my top 10, but they never win. Maybe it is because they don’t have to qualify for the final.  This song is perfect for the time of the year: it is almost summer. I can see this becoming a summer hit. 


Will Switzerland finally qualify for the final show again after 4 years? I think yes! This song is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It is catchy. I can also hear this on the radio. 


I wasn’t sure who to put on number 7 on my list. It was easy to make my top 5, but for the rest of the top 10, I had to make hard decisions. I like this beat and again: this is something you could hear on the radio.


Very similar to Cyprus, but I prefer Cyprus because I like their beat better. I don’t like the beat drop in this song. But overall I just like the song. 


Why isn’t this higher at the bookmakers? They are at number 30 and I am afraid that they won’t qualify. I hope for a miracle that they will qualify because I really want to see this in the final on Saturday.


A lot of dance songs, but I like most of them. This is Azerbaijan. Didn’t expect this song from them, but I love it!! It will be a top 10 song.

Czech Republic

The last year’s entry of the Czech Republic was one of my favourites. And decided to go for the same kind of song/genre again this year. But you know what? I think it just works, so why not?

So this is my top 10 and I really hope that they all will qualify this year. Of course, the big 5 + Israël already qualified for the final. The big 5 puts a lot of money into Eurovision and Israël is the host of this year. 

I also know that Russia is a very popular song this year and it has a chance to win it. I didn’t make my top 10, but I can see why people like it. It is just not my taste. I also don’t understand why Montenegro is in the last spot at the bookmakers. In my opinion, there are enough songs that are worse. 

Iceland has a very interesting act, but it is not my cup of tea. And I also think it will get points from people who think it is funny. But it is definitely not the best song.  It just stands out. And I think the winner will be a song that stands out, like the Netherlands and Iceland. 

Which Eurovision song is your favourite this year?

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